Anime Highlights Week 33

19th – 25th August

There was Ramen in this weeks Doctor Stone, new people to meet in Fire Force and Viking stuff happening in Vinland Saga.

So just a normal week of anime.

Simplicity is the key to this week!

Honestly it was a week of simply story telling.

Vinland Saga moved its plot forward by just telling us what was happening in the war between England and the Vikings, it also had another very fast and pretty easily won duel.

Fire Force magicked up its training reassignment system so that they could go investigate the 1st and had a pretty simple duel between Arthur, Shinra and Burns.

Even Doctor Stone, a show about science, went with the simply made Ramen as a simple way to simply (and yes I get I’m turning into Karim, help me please) get the Villagers on side because who can say no to wonderfully made food?

Breaking the 4th Wall…

Astra : Lost in Space, is one of my favourite anime’s this year and maybe of all time. It blends a lot of different things I love about Sci-Fi into one so when the show went out of its way to break the 4th wall and point out that it is OK to have a Comedy Anime and a Sci-Fi Anime at the same time I was really happy it did that.

There is so much to love about Astra and the fact that it is very self aware in what it does as well makes me feel fuzzy inside.

What is really a duel?

I think one thing I don’t get with Vinland Saga is. What is the criteria for it ending?

We keep seeing duels with various different criteria for when it ends and I’m kind of getting sick of the entire Thorfinn losing just to be allowed to challenge once more.

Whilst I guess it needs to be consented that it is a duel to the death at the very beginning I don’t even think Thors duel was like that as Askeladd seemed actually interested in Thors leading them and I do think if Thors had gone with them that he might have actually just won in general.

I don’t know it just seems to be pointless for Thorfinn to continue to want a duel to the death and being allowed off after losing. He seems to have little to no actual pride in that he just loses and then sulks instead of realising that in the real world if it wasn’t for the fact these guys had watched him grow from a snotty nosed little kid that saw his father killed into what he is now that they would have no respect for him at all with all these losses.

I feel like there needs to be a consequence to him losing all the time.


So we get introduced to a cute little character called Suika in Doctor Stone. A sweet little girl who wears a watermelon rind on her head and seems to feel useless because of it.

I loved the introduction to the character, the fact that she’s so eager to just be useful and Senku just doesn’t care about people so never bothers to ask about the watermelon which obviously upsets her meant they were the perfect duo. Not only that but her addition gave us the cute little bit where she goes to spy on everyone in the village because she can hide herself as… You guessed it… A watermelon.

It was a fantastic sequence and I just love the character.

Difference of opinion…

One of the best aspects of Demon Slayer is the difference in opinion that Tanjiro has when it comes to Demons to the other Demon Slayers and humans in general.

Simply put, his sister is a Demon and she doesn’t attack or kill anyone. He has a reason for wanting to think Demons can be good, decent humans and because he followed his heart on that one he has found Demons who don’t want to hurt others and he understands that the Demons that do hurt others aren’t always what they seem.

Him asking Giyu not to stand on Rui after Rui had disappeared was heartbreaking but once more proved just how pure Tanjiro is and how whilst it is easy to see why people feel the way they do about Demons it is his viewpoint that will save the world one day from what it is that is plaguing them.

The intriguing mystery of Li…

Or why I fell in love with a character who hardly spoke, didn’t get to show off his powers and going forward might only have a side part in this current story in Fire Force.

That is right because whilst Rekka is a charmer and Karim is a bit of a pain and it will be so hard to listen to him talk (or read seeing I don’t speak Japanese) it was Li that I wanted to see more of and I got so upset that I didn’t get to see him.

There is something about him refusing to fight, his cute little face and that adorable hat, the way all three of the new characters just seemed intimidating whilst also looking to be adorable that made me cry that he decided not to fight and we barely got to see anything of him.

I worry that he’ll be the biggest problem we’ll have going forward.

The Final Story of Rui.

So Rui is one of those that took the curse of being a Demon happily but it wasn’t because of bloodlust or a need to kill others. No. He was born to a feeble body and had barely any quality of life so when he was offered the ability of a strong body but not being able to deal with the light he took it.

I have to say it was a really sad story but made sadder by the fact that the bond he always wanted was there all along. His family, after he took the form of a Demon, were going to kill him and themselves to atone for him killing another human but in his sadness he misunderstood. The fact that once more Tanjiro was there to comfort him and he went to his death with his parents waiting and ready to even go to hell with him if that is the path he must tread was a beautiful end to another sad life.


The entire Ramen bit was hilarious.

When he started going on about the best food from his time I instantly knew he’d be talking about Ramen (he’s wrong it is either pizza or pasties but never mind) and watching him make it and the others go crazy over it made me laugh.

Even more funny was the fact that because he was making it primitively using foxtail millet to him it tasted rank but it’ll be enough to win the hearts of the people over no doubt.

Giyu, Shinobu and the fight over Nezuko…

I guess this really ties in with the above.

Honestly I don’t think I like Shinobu much. She’s too much for me but at the same time I guess that is because I’m used to Tanjiro and the people he meets and even Giyu who saw Nezuko protecting Tanjiro and decided not to kill her.

With Shinobu she isn’t willing to listen, she’s so full of herself and she even has the girl from Tanjiro’s Final Selection with her being just as awful.

I just don’t like characters like that.

Yet her actions were the actions that Demon Slayers have to take, she was doing her job and was correct in that what Giyu was doing was wrong. Doesn’t stop the fact that she seemed to take pleasure from the situation which might actually be why I don’t like her, she seems happy that she gets to kill Demons and I feel like whilst she might not or she might, that isn’t something we’ve hit on yet, what makes her so different from a Demon if she enjoys killing them?


I have to say that Fire Force really upped everything this week.

I mean we went to the 1st with the newbies all looking smashing in lovely uniforms just to be met with the 1st in I guess religious based outfits seeing they were all in the Cathedral and unhappy that the others were in military dress in the Cathedral.

Both sets of outfits were absolutely gorgeous.

“But it is just animated clothing” you might say but honestly the military dress uniform for the Force as well as the outfits they wore in the church were just so beautifully drawn in a show that isn’t that beautiful unless we’re looking at the actual fires.

I like the Fire outfits, they are very realistic to what firefighters wear whilst also obviously being designed to show off Pyromancers and their abilities but it was nice seeing something outside of that which was just lovely.

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