The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : She Knows All The Secrets

Episode 5

With this being the midway point to the series it is only right that all paths clash together in the most violent way.



Like much of the series it is all one step forward and two back for the Gelflings in their quest to learn the truth and save Thra.

Then again it is a wonderful coming together of all the stories no matter how prominent so far and the setting for a even more terrifying future for the characters we have grown so fond of.

This episode though belonged to Seladon.

Kept at arms length to be raised to turn a blind eye to the horrors she would see, forced to sit in on meetings and not be able to do her own thing because she would one day become Maudra. Her jealousy of her youngest sister who was able to follow her pursuits and the fact that in her eyes was loved more by her mother means that anything her sister says is taken as being wrong. Instead of opening her eyes and trusting what is in front of her she instead treats anything that would prove her sister right as traitorous because if there was one thing that she was raised to believe, if there is one thing she is going to be loyal to it is what she was been groomed into believing at the sacrifice of having her own life and the warm love of her mother.

It was a difficult episode to watch as you saw all the worst character traits you could possibly see come out in one little ball of rage.

Without the middle sister, the voice of reason, there to calm her Seladon not only turned her back on Aughra in the Dream Space but on the entire group of Gelflings that she had called to save Thra. She even watched as the Skeksis killed her mother in front of her eyes, blamed her sister and handed Brea, Deet and Hup over to the Skeksis along with the “volunteers” to go back to their castle.

A show made entirely of puppets should not make me cry so much.

OK Rainbow Connection, one of my all time favourite songs, always has me crying but I shouldn’t be in tears because a Podling gets upset thinking he can’t be a Paladin because all he wants to do is look after Deet and he feels like he can’t because he was scared of a Skeksis. I shouldn’t be crying over Aughra finally hearing the song of the world, watching as a bunch of Gelflings Dream Fast knowing that they are all going to come together and learn the truth. I DEFINITELY shouldn’t be crying when a Gelfling dies a horrible death at the hands of the Skeksis.

Pretty sure I shouldn’t be so angry when Seladon blames Brea for the death of their mother when she LITERALLY just told the Skeksis that her mother was a traitor.

Then again this show as I keep saying makes you care. Their characters are so well thought out and just so relatable in a strange way that you lose yourself to the drama happening around you and end up emotionally involved in the story.

It was such a brilliant way of bringing all the characters together, giving us and them the direction for the second half of the series before sending them back into the world to deal with the pain and suffering we’ve come to realise is all that is awaiting anyone in this world.

Aughra was cemented as my favourite character of the series with her crazy ways of trying to hear the song, her pain when she realised the damage she had done to the world before she finally found the song again. It was a bit of a roller coaster with her as she went from kind of comic relief to regret, acceptance and finally being allowed to hear the song of Thra once more.

Thing is though as we’ve learnt time and time again she is such a flawed character. In her need to do what is right she once more made the massive mistake of losing patience with Seladon and throwing her out of the Dream Space instead of trying to fix yet another bond in this world broken by the Skeksis and bring her loyalty to them. This gave Seladon the time to go to the Skeksis and tell them about what was happening as well as cemented her feeling of being left out and unloved that will make her impossible to change her mind.

For me the most important moment of this series is probably the moment that Seladon screams at her mother that she never see’s her moments before being removed from the Dream Space.

It was a moment where both her mother and Aughra could have comforted Seladon and turned the tide of the Resistance to their favor but instead once more Seladon wasn’t good enough, wasn’t allowed to voice her opinion and was sent away.

So she turned to those who pretend to care.

No one should be mad at Seladon for finding comfort where she can get it.

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