Mindhunter S2E9

They finally have found the person that Ford has been looking for. A black man in his 20s who acted weird on a bridge and when asked why he thought he was stopped mentioned it was probably to do with the boys going missing.

Lets hope he has found the right person.

It was a bit of a weird final episode to be honest, I think it was a bit of a weird series in all honesty but this kind of made it worse.

Honestly Christopher Livingston made the episode.

Wayne Williams is the man that was arrested and had the Atlanta Child Murders pinned on him, he was actually arrested for the murder of two adults and it feels like history has lumbered him with the other deaths because they stopped after he was arrested.

Livingston totally stole the show though.

He obviously wasn’t going to admit he did it so he made a show of it. He played the media, which is something Holden knows serial killers do thanks to Manson, Berkowitz and Kemper, made big spectacles of himself and genuinely tried to make himself look innocent by not staying quiet.

What made the episode so weird though was that we just kind of followed him.

I guess it is a evolution of the interview process though if you think about it. Instead of going and talking to Livingston in a prison we got to see how someone who is now classified as a killer acted in real time. We see the theatrics and we see how he behaves and now we can add that to the information we have collected. Thing is he was also just kind of over the top anyway and Holden and Bill kind of got swept up in it whilst the only person who thought “maybe we shouldn’t be” was Barney.

As a season finale it was good, it ended a series that has been a bit weird all the way through and you fell in love with Livingston’s Williams so easily in that horrifying way you fell in love with Britton’s Kemper.

The end story to Bill is that his wife left him, the end story to Wendy is she drove someone who loved her away because she couldn’t understand how a family dynamic in those times would have to work at the beginning of a relationship and Holden got to be right.

What happens next is going to be interesting to see but whilst I loved season 2 it just didn’t touch season 1 for me and I honestly think that is because the biggest hole in this series will forever be Britton and until the Interviews or at least someone like Williams is the main focus and in many episodes we’ll never see the fascination in the series as we did with the first.

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