Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba : Pretend Family

Episode 20

Yose Atsume no Kazoku” (寄せ集めの家族)

The family of spiders are finally defeated but the wounds are many and deep. Will anyone be saved and will we learn more about this family?

We do.

We learn a whole bunch.

Again it is one of those situations that is really sad but also kind of messed up. We don’t really learn that much more about Rui other then he seems to have totally forgotten his past by the time he started creating this fake family, he did so to kind of bring back memories or make new ones which is where the sad thing comes in.

Once more you are reminded that these are people. They are humans. What happened to them might not have happened to them because they wanted it and what they have been left as isn’t really their fault either. They need to eat humans to survive, they are left with a craving for humans they can’t fight that doesn’t mean that they do it for fun, some end up enjoying it and no doubt some wanted it but we don’t know which is which until we see their story.

Rui then ended up being a little sad and I always kind of felt like it was a little sad.

He always came across as trying to keep his family and their forest safe, of course they would still need to eat to survive but this invasion, as gruesome as it is and as one sided as we’ve seen it, was a invasion of their home.

Just because they aren’t natural, just because they kill humans, does that mean they shouldn’t belong?

The family ended up being other Demons who were weaker then Rui, he gave them his blood, forced them to look the same and do what he wanted them to do. Disobedience saw them punished and outright rebellion was punished with death. Some took to this new life others didn’t and before all this happened there were many of them, we saw how The Daughter seemed to take to this new life and saw Rui as her brother so turned on one of the other sisters because they turned on him and again it is just sad.

Which then makes it weird watching someone like Shinobu want to torture the Demons.

Her mindset was that The Daughter had killed x amount of humans therefore deserved this amount of pain but this life was forced on her. I think it is why I like Tanjiro who also feels empathy to those he kills and hopes they find peace after the fight.

Then again Insect breathing is terrifyingly beautiful and Shinobu is probably the scariest of the Demon Slayers so far.

Also Rui didn’t die in the last episode and it ended up being Giyu that defeated him with the Eleventh Water Breathing Technique which shows that Tanjiro has a long way to go still.

It was a really good episode and I loved it as a ending to this story if I’m honest. It was brutal as this entire fight has been, left everyone on the ground other then Shinobu and Giyu and told the story of Rui and his Pretend Family very well. Once again a very strong showing from Demon Slayer.

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