Anime Highlights Week 32

12th – 18th August 2019

Another week and even more Vikings, Stone people, Fire things and so on and so forth. There is so much variety in this season of anime that it is a shame it has taken us this long to decide on just how many shows we are going to watch.

Chrome The Sorcerer!

Senku has met Stone World him as Chrome the Sorcerer not only appears, challenges him to magic/science feats but then becomes his subordinate and geeks the hell out with him over stones and stuff.

I love that we now have this crazy version of Senku, someone who doesn’t know the first thing about our current world yet lives 3,000 years in the future. It hits home how different this is, most things throw you 3,000 years in the future and give you cars flying in the sky but Dr. Stone gives you people who think science is magic and whose most important daily thought is survival.

Chrome already works perfectly with Senku and I can’t wait to see them continue.

What is the history of the village?!

So yes, Senku isn’t allowed in the village that he’s brought too but doesn’t seem too upset at the moment when he has Chrome to geek out with.

What we all want to know though is what exactly is the village?

Who originally made it? Why? Where they people who woke up or maybe even just descendants of them themselves? Why is science now seen as magic? If they aren’t descendants of people who woke up how do they speak perfect Japanese?

I don’t know if I’m meant to look at the village like a mystery but we really are looking at it as a mystery.

Angels Three… Again… I guess…

Worth pointing out that there was yet another set of Angels Three that were instantly wiped out by Shinra. Honestly that joke wasn’t even funny the first time let alone this time.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Fire Force in… Well force.

Hibana shows everything I love and everything I hate about Fire Force in one perfectly annoying yet amazing character.

I said in the other blog I would probably like her a lot more then I did in her introduction because she was just introduced too close to another character I found pointless.

At this point I love her character.

She has a strong character, a good back story, a reason for being the way she is, redemption in the future and the ability to grow more.

Her story was also seriously rushed, she was introduced way too fast and they could have done so much more with her but they didn’t.

So yeah.

Sums up Fire Force really for me.


Everything about Vinland Saga this episode was so cool.

Vikings are cool!

I feel weird calling them Vikings though because they are technically pirates but at the same time they are also kind of Vikings so yeah, but they just were bad ass all episode long. I mean how can you not think they are cool when they are running into battle holding their freakin’ ships?!

Spiders no so much…

So this was it for the Demon Slayer Spider family hey?

We finally got the story of who they were and how they were related and the truth is they just weren’t.

Turns out that Rui was such a old Demon that he forgot his life before being one and just wanted to try to have something “normal” which turned into him “helping” other weaker Demons and making them part of a pretend family. They all had to look the same, they all had to sit around pretending to have meals and when they upset Rui, as we’ve already seen, they were punished.

Again it is a sad story that kind of breaks my heart but at the same time it is terrifying and spider related.

Like you have to feel sorry for them all because I don’t think we’ve seen a single person who really wanted to be a Demon yet and it must be terrifying being turned into this thing, left on your own to murder humans and then suddenly be hunted as well.

Whilst it is all a bit weird both Rui and his sister kind of made sense.

Kind of.

In a messed up Demon kind of way.

In a messed up people on their own kind of way too.

Askeladd once more is the badass that keeps on giving.

You might have guessed that a lot of this blog is just me being very happy with Vinland Saga and the one thing I’m most happy with is Askeladd.

Not only is he just a fun character to hang out with but he’s such a bad ass that he just doesn’t give two shits what he’s doing as long as he’s having fun and making money. In this episode alone he stands on top of his ships as the rest of the crew carry them into battle like some kind of God of his people THEN afterwards he mocks the big headed guy he was working with as he sails off with all the treasure.

Askeladd is a gift.

The first downside to Vinland Saga…

That being said Vinland Saga also make the shit list this week for that big headed guy.

Now it isn’t that I hated it it just felt off in a show that has so far just been so beautifully animated. I get that in a way this was a blow off episode, nothing was happening so instead of following the main story we had them go off somewhere else and do something fun.

Everything about this episode screamed fun…

Including all the grizzly killing Thorfinn did… Well he never was the life of the party type anyway.

That being said it just felt like this episode was kind of ruined by the fact that it had that one tiny animated dude who just didn’t fit in with the rest of the feel of the series. OK not ruined, nothing can be ruined with a story and characters as good as Vinland Saga but it was a small blot on a otherwise perfect piece.


Mr Shock and Starch is just the latest in a long line of half human, half monster weirdos in Bem but you have to admit that the names are pretty cool right?

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