The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : The First Thing I Remember is Fire

Episode 4

As the Scientist fixes his machine to tear the essence away from Gelflings the Gelflings themselves are slowly coming together and the truth must be learnt whilst Aughra has awakened and must realise her new place in Thra.

In fact new is the go to word.

Seeing the story from the privileged seat of knowing what is to come you know the Darkening and everything that is currently happening is the end but also the beginning of something new.

These episodes have shown us the structure of belief, how the tribes of Gelflings look down on each other and the Skeksis use this to make them weaker then they are. Think back to the seeds in Bugs Life or the talk of the others from Heroes. The Skeksis are the popular kids or the grasshoppers, that large group of bullies that make everyone around them feel below them by making them feel isolated from their fellow non-Skeksis/grasshopper/popular kid.

What the Gelflings must learn and be able to be brave enough to see is that their army of seven tribes are stronger then the Skeksis but they must put their squabbles and differences to one side and unit under one banner.

It might not work of course but you find that those at the bottom tend to be more in number than those at the top just those at the top are able to twist those at the bottom to hate each other more then they hate those oppressing them at the top.

Pretty much our current political structure in a nutshell I guess.

You would hope though with Brea finding Lore and learning that the tribes are all equal and the teachings that some are above others is a lie along with Rian and his story bringing those, including Brea’s sister, together united for the truth then the Gelflings can come together to fight the evil that is the Skeksis.

One can hope.

Meanwhile Aughra has to learn the hard way that turning her eye away from Thra has consequences. If you let your focus move from Thra then Thra will no longer sing for you. It was the first introduction to the Mystics in the series and Archer tells her that the only way to learn the song of Thra is to reconnect herself with the planet itself.

I mean that was pretty much a obvious answer to her problems and it was worth having her parts just to see her get slowly more angry as she’s forced to walk to the tree of serenity just to learn it.

Again there is so much to love in this episode.

Every character you meet is unique, they have unique ways of moving, thinking and acting even if they are surrounded by their own kind. No two Gelflings or Skeksis are alike and there is so much effort not only into their designs but just letting the voice actors make their characters theirs. So much time has gone into this series to make these puppets so very real so that the story shines through and touches the audience.

Honestly started to cry when the Gelflings Dreamfasted with Rian, seeing the all learn the truth and start to cry before joining forces to save Gurjin was such a impactful scene and so well put together that if it wasn’t for the next scene I am going to talk about it probably would be the best part of the episode.

Unfortunately one of the best fight scenes in anything I’ve seen this year, and I watch anime which can be all fight scenes at times, was in this episode.

Not only was it fantastic to see such a amazing fight not only between Rian and the Hunter but Rian’s father joining in, not only did it have one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series or ANY series so far and it isn’t even the fantastic use of the music to make everything even more dramatic and heartbreaking but it was also all for nothing.

I don’t know if they have done a making of the series or anything but I would love to see the work that went into that scene because it honestly tops pretty much everything this year. Anything that Stranger Things, Glow, Dark Money… Just about anything I’ve personally watched has thrown at us didn’t have even a little tiny bit of a impact as this scene did it was so beautifully acted out.

As I said in the end though it seems to be for nothing which makes it even more sad and reminds us that this journey they are all on is a dark, sad and above all ultimately tragic path that leads to more sadness, pain and loss.

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