Mindhunter S2E8

We’re deep into the Atlanta Child Murder story and Ford is still being super annoying.

I want to say first up that I’m really enjoying watching the investigation unfold but as interesting as it is and as much as I’m enjoying the season so far I also have the problem of Ford getting way too annoying for me.

He’s obsessed with his profile and whilst he might be right he once more is going about his obsessive need to prove he’s right in the most uptight and passive aggressive way he possibly can. He’s so caught up in people doing what he wants all the time and guilting people by reminding them that they will just end up being the reason more kids are dying instead of working hard on improving his profile and coming up with a actual case that people can understand.

When asked “what is the profile” his answer is “black guy about this old and drives this kind of car” he has nothing to back it up and he isn’t doing any kind of leg work, something Bill keeps telling him to do, to add to that so of course no one is listening to him. I’m not listening to him because I’m fed up of his profile being so basic and him not putting work into exploring not only other possibilities but in narrowing down basically “some guy in this community that at the moment is hurting because their kids are being killed.”

This is what is making this series really frustrating for me.

It is the fact that we all know that Ford is probably right but he is so insufferable with it.

So in your face, so smug when they tick each and every white man off the list and not understanding how by him not actually doing his job they are arresting and ruining men’s lives as well as hurting the victims families.

At least they have their killer now.

Honestly I miss the interviews, I know that they always did other things and I find some of the stuff with Bill and his son quite intriguing but as important as Wendy’s personal life is and as good as the story with Bills kid has been in some episodes these plot points along with the Atlanta Child Murderer story taking up the entire series at the moment it is unfortunately starting to drag a little. When we finally flash away from Atlanta having Nancy and Bill arguing about the same things or her being cold to him because of his job or Wendy going through the same old same old with her girlfriend and not really understanding how normal people are meant to act in relationships just doesn’t make me jump for joy.

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