Bem : Lightening

Episode 4

It is hard to figure out whether I love or hate this show. Whilst the characters are interesting and the world is different and I want to explore it it also feels like there is nothing truly connecting anything that is happening or giving us any reason to care for it.

So lets see if Lightening does any different.

Kind of I guess?

It brings together the main characters for the first time, Sonia finally sees Bem for who he is instead of thinking he’s a monster. No doubt she still does but she saw them fighting the actual murderers and protect her from the blast so hopefully this is where their stories come together and she stops being so single minded in her fight against things she just doesn’t understand.

Then again I don’t blame her.

She’s also been at the wrong place at the wrong time most of the time. She’s obviously terrified of someone who deserves to be feared in some ways and then seen him at the worst of times.

Now though she has much bigger problems as this episode really hit home the fact that Bem and his two friends are very different from the modded humans that are actually running amok in the city and killing people.

That being said the modded humans are pretty cool. They all have ridiculous names that kind of just point to what it is that they do but they all look really awesome and the scientist behind them is pretty creepy so that alone will probably make it worth watching. I mean it is kind of turning into Batman just it turns out Batman seemingly is a experiment of some sort that has escaped or was set free or whatever.

Maybe now that we’ve got this all sorted the story can actually start to come together and make some sense?

Again it wasn’t a terrible episode or anything, in fact like the other two before it the actual story of the episode was pretty brilliant and if it just worked as single episodes tied together purely by the characters and not this feeling that there is a bigger picture we’re meant to be seeing but just can’t the series would for me be hitting the right notes more often.

I just get the feeling that at the moment it is treading water waiting to wow us with some amazing story but it is wasting time trying to do that when I just want the story right now.

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