Anime Highlights Week 31

5th – 11th August 2019

I feel like two shows really stood out this week. Whether for the good or the bad we’ll see but here it is in all its glory. The things that stood out to me for this week.

Humans and Sparrows!

We get a bit of a explanation to something that has been bothering us for a while.

We saw that birds had been turned to stone in Dr. Stone as well as humans and it always puzzled me how other birds and animals were able to take over the world if they were meant to be turned to stone.

Turns out for some reason it is only Humans and Sparrows.

At this point it feels like aliens to be honest, or humans of some sort that have hidden out somewhere and done this for whatever reason.

There just isn’t anything I can think of that makes Humans and Sparrows similar enough to be turned to stone and ONLY us and Sparrows. Plus the story of told us the Sparrows were probably turned to stone BEFORE Humans therefore, why I say it was aliens or humans or something, is because it feels like Sparrows were targeted as a test subject before Humans were done. Maybe because people wouldn’t notice Sparrows turning to stone?

I dunno but I’m no freakin’ Sparrow!

New Generations?!

Maybe I’ll talk about this too much in this highlight blog but it was weird yet cool seeing that not only are other people living in the Stone World but they could be a generation that were born after the Stone World became a thing.

We are introduced to one such individual in this episode and it looks like she very much so is a product of the world post-Petrification which means that other people have either woken up before or…

This was intentional and people survived it and did this… Though that makes little to no sense because surely they wouldn’t have let the world turn to destruction?


Every episode of Fire Force tends to give us a little more about their world. I feel like we could cut these descriptions and things out and create a “this is the world of Fire Force” story that made sense by the end of the season. It always seems to happen at the beginning too…

In Vinland Saga on the other hand it is a new beginning in a different sense as Thorfinn has a new life, a goal to reach and is kind of scary now.

Whilst in Dr. Stone as I said above there is a whole new world to explore as Senku realises at last that he might not be the first person who awoke, in fact a whole generation has been born whilst he still slept! The Stone World already feels much bigger!

Arthur the Idiot Knight

I really liked Arthur in this weeks episode of Fire Force.

Personally I don’t mind that he’s a idiot, I think he came across as being too perfect when introduced so having him totally brainless works out as a weakness for him. I don’t like the rival angle with Shinra either so yeah…

More Idiot Knight!

Hinawa ❤

I can not help liking bad ass, angry, nerdy looking anime men who are terrifying like Hinawa.

He just rocks up to the 5th and starts destroying EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. He terrifies the people he works for, he is a bad ass out in the field, he’s organised and loves rules….

Hinawa is my dream.

Angels Three….

So Angels Three?

We didn’t really know if they were triplets or something but to be honest I didn’t enjoy the joke that they just seem to be 100 blonde identical women who all group together to make different groups of “Angels Three”. In this episode I think Hinawa takes out a good 4 or 5 of their groups and it just seemed pointless.

Like many things they could have been pretty cool but they were just a bad punch line to a joke no one asked for.

The Raid

Luc talked about it in his review, it was a hard episode of Vinland Saga to watch but that scene at the end as the Vikings raided the village will just stick in my mind for such a long time.

Seeing Thorfinn try his hardest in a language he doesn’t really know to warn the old lady who had been nice to him to run, seeing her there when he’d signaled Askeladd, getting angry and ranting at her, her just standing there totally heartbroken then the Vikings hitting and a few flashes of her looking at Thorfinn as bodies ran past her before she inevitably got swept up in it all and disappeared, dying no doubt at the hands of the oncoming Pirate Viking raid.

It was one of the best scenes I’ve seen in anything forever.

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