The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : What Was Sundered and Undone

Episode 3

Each Gelfling now has their path set before their feet. Deet needs to warn the world of the Darkening, Rian needs to warn the world of the Skeksis and Brea has to clean dirty Podlings because she won’t do as she’s told.

I think one thing that I honestly love about this series is that they never take short cuts. It would be easier for them not to actually show the puppets doing things like drawing or eating but they put so much effort into making sure you see them do even the most mundane of things which in turns makes them even more real.

Honestly the show breaths more life into its characters and settings then some live action shows even try to.

Specially Hup. I honestly love the Podlings but Hup and Deet are beyond my favourites at this point, him trying to teach Deet the ways on the surface and making her try to see that the different Gelflings don’t see eye to eye and just their journey in general is adorable. Hup might not say much that I understand but even so he is by far my favourite character.

One thing I think I never needed to see in so much beautiful detail though was bath time for Skeksis.

Again the detail on them is wonderful from their actual bodies to their clothing. Every tiny detail never needed to be added but the proof of how much the people working on it cared is that they are there making each and every Skeksis unique. Even the Gelflings have such wonderfully small differences that show off the clans and it isn’t just their colour or the shape of their faces.

Also Aughra’s teeth.

Again the episode blended wonderfully crafted stories, slowly bringing together the main characters and their needs, with side stories that showed life just going on. Brea bathing Podlings is probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen if I’m honest but it wasn’t something needed. It helped gap her story, meant that we got to see more of Gelfling society and got a cute little scene but it is something so many other shows would have never bothered with and it is what is slowly making this series so amazingly good.

My favourite part of this episode is probably everything with Aughra in it to be honest with you. Whilst the Chamberlain threatening Gurjin was pretty interesting and Rian’s fight was so beautifully executed I just love Aughra so much. Her arguments with the Skeksis, being made to feel bad for leaving the crystal, seeing the Crystal itself and the damage that the Skeksis have done and being shown exactly what has happened to Mira…

I think the hardest thing this series had to do was give you hope. It is hard because we know how this story will end because we know how the entire story ends. Every time you think “but if this just works…” you have to remember that it didn’t and whilst being reminded that it didn’t work you find yourself realising that you kind of forget what is to come in the future and only care for the journeys that we’re on now and still carry hope that what we know will happen won’t come to be.

Which honestly is such a hard thing to do but it is done so well.

Still never need to see another naked Skeksis please.

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