Mindhunter S2E7

Right now the only focus the show really has is the Atlanta Child Murders. Holden and Bill are at each others throats whilst Wendy is having a bit of a break down in a male dominated world back at the offices.

I’m not sure what the show is trying to do right now but we’ll see.

Not only are timelines becoming blurred, you have no real indication of how many days, weeks, months or even if a entire year has passed by, now it is becoming hard to figure out if the characters even know who makes what decisions.

In the last episode it was Bill that made the call to bring in the suspect based on the porno magazine, in this episode you’d think that it was Holden as he kept waiting for that one thing that proved this guy was the killer even though he doesn’t fit his profile and Holden was the one man in the room confident it wasn’t him.

That is just for when they knew it wasn’t him for Holden to take the high ground once more.

It is a confusing journey to be on but again it was pretty interesting to see how they interviewed him, the techniques they tried and how they pushed it. I enjoyed the process the episode went through and now that they are there and the story is totally about this one thing.

What I also really enjoyed was Holden actually going to get help with the families instead of just doing his own thing. He is the only person who actually cared about them and whilst so far he has done nothing but give them empty promises he at least has the balls to turn up and try and help them. Whilst he pisses off the majority of people he meets at least these people see through his bullshit and actually kind of get him.

Holden’s obsession with being right is very off putting though, he has a profile in mind that we’ve not really seen him actually work to get and he’s just not ready to see anything else. Again the frustration comes from us knowing he’s probably going to come off being correct but it doesn’t make it any easier when he’s just being such a pain about it.

This episode did nothing more then annoy the hell out of me when it comes to Holden.

Away from Atlanta and as I said Wendy is struggling back at HQ. Ted doesn’t really see the point of her other then to work on the data they found and train up new recruits, this leads over to her being even more incapable of holding conversations with her girlfriend in real life and like the Bill situation just feels like there is a actual story there but the character is missing the point by like a million miles.

It isn’t even that the character is being written in that way or actually is that way it is like they’ve created this little bubble for that character so that there is “development” but the story being told and the story we’re seeing are two different things. The only difference is unlike Bill who you can find sympathy for there is none to be had with Wendy because she’s the creator of her own problems.

Well maybe not professionally but personally.

Again I love the series but it has changed from what it was in the beginning and it is hard not to miss the things that made the first so good.

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