Anime Highlights Week 30

29th July – 4th August 2019

We have fires, stone and Demons… Like most weeks. What then in week 31 stands out?!

Fire Force Has ANOTHER One….

I don’t think I would hate Hibana and the way she was drawn and presented if we hadn’t had Tamaki in the episode before.

Thing is it is too much at this point.

Hibana isn’t as ridiculously drawn as Tamaki but it was too soon to present us with another character that seems to just scream sex at you. From her big boobs to stamping on happy looking men, it was too much and I think I’ll look back on her more kindly because she does seem interesting when I’ve calmed down about cat girl.

STILL rushing stories too, please Fire Force stop it!

It is a shame that this episode was such a mess to be honest.

I really like Fire Force, I like it a lot, but it rushes everything so much and episodes just become a clusterfuck of things happening for no reason but to rush through a story.

Hoping so much that they slow the hell down because they have a wonderful group of characters, a great concept and some fantastic animated scenes, so much potential to the series that they aren’t hitting because why should anyone really care about any of these stories when they are so rushed?

The Stone World REALLY began!

Last episode we got a look at how Senku and Taiju became friends and made their bond, in this one we got to see how Senku survived without brawn on his side.

It was nice to see that he struggled to be honest. I feel Dr. Stone has managed to stay clear of making Senku too much of a genius for his own good and showing that he has weaknesses and that he’s fully aware of them. This episode if anyone made him more human in that whilst he still shouted Science a lot and ended up being super powerful because of it we got to see the trial and error to get to where he was before Taiju woke up.

This was so important for Senku’s character because without Taiju he becomes a bit much, seeing the human side to him makes it easier to care and empathize with him in the future knowing that he is only human and a lot of his bravado in this new world is because he knows he has to be this way and he truly trusts in science.


You aren’t really meant to like Askeladd I feel. Not that you should hate him or anything but he feels like a character you’re meant to just get on with until his inevitable doom either at the hands of Thorfinn or some other way.

I can’t help but think he’s the strongest part of Vinland Saga for me though.

Maybe I’m wrong and you’re meant to love him but I just feel like he doesn’t get the love he deserves from what I’ve seen. He’s a bad ass but he’s also honest with himself where he fails. I don’t believe he was lying or joking when he asked Thors to lead them, I think he realised the strength not only of body but of mind of Thors and truly would have followed him if he had agreed. He also doesn’t seem to really, truly, want Thorfinn to die else he could have easily killed him a few times.

It might not be a nice way but I feel in his own way Askeladd has adopted Thorfinn and whilst he won’t be no Thors he also won’t just abandon him. He probably will take all the hate Thorfinn can give him for as long as he lives, maybe in a nasty way to benefit himself but he’ll take it.

I just like him.


I mean we had two different ways of looking at this in this weeks anime.

For a start everything that Thorfinn does is for the memory of his father, he wants to kill Askeladd in a fair fight because of Askeladd killing his father.

On the other hand we had Father running rampage around in Demon Slayer until…

Giyu to the Rescue!

I didn’t like this.

This is a bad highlight.

A Lowlight…

Now I’ve been looking forward to seeing Giyu return, I’m not wrong in thinking he was the guy that Tanjiro met original am I? If I am then I apologise but I’m pretty sure I’m right and if I am I’ve been looking forward to seeing him return if not just to see how strong he truly is and what he’s up to then to see how he reacts to Tanjiro this far into his journey.

What I don’t like is that Inosuke was incapable of defeating Father on his own.

Don’t get me wrong I know that Inosuke has been a part of most of the action since arriving in this Forest and has had a whole bunch of development in ways that Inosuke needs but it just kind of hurt me a little that Zenitsu got to defeat the Spider Brother and Tanjiro is obviously going to defeat more then just Mother but Inosuke has yet to actually end the life of anyone in this family.

Is it important?

Possibly not.

Would it be nice to see him on equal footing with the other two?

Most definitely.

So whilst I’m happy that Inosuke didn’t die I’m also not happy to see him incapable of defeating at least one demon.

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