Mindhunter S2E6

We’ve had Manson and I don’t think that the show could get any more of a celebrity interview then that.

With interviews not being that important anymore though it’ll be interesting to see if we even get any more after this episode.

So the show has shifted a bit and I’m going to have to shift with it. I have enjoyed the series so far and the acting has still been top notch, when they do the interviews the people they bring in to do the interviews are amazing such as Morgan Kelly who played Paul Bateson also known as the Bag Murderer.

For all of Holden’s snobbery in only wanting “celebrity” killers and intellectual’s that he can talk to and understand without having to actually listen to some deeper meaning we met a killer whose words we hang on every second. To be fair Kelly could have been the next Kemper, the way he talked and the way he bullied his way through the interview was just pure brilliance and he even brought up something that Holden himself had experimented with in the last episode.

Would a gay man, specially in those days, get in a car with a straight man?

Would a black kid get in a car, specially in those days in Atlanta, with a white man?

The answer to both is probably going to be no and it feels odd that we got the experiment with Holden the episode before and not allow the Bateson interview be what brought that to his attention. It felt stupid having such a interesting interview with such a good point brought up a episode after Mr Genius over there has already thought it up and made the piece of information irrelevant.

There isn’t much going on with Holden in this episode other then seeing how Bill having to deal with Brian’s problems has left him on his own to make enemies of everyone he is going to need help with. No one really cares that a bunch of black kids have gone missing and him being himself isn’t helping him get any help from the police, police officers he’s already been told multiple times might have links to the KKK.

That being said he himself is so obsessed with finding a black killer that he constantly dismisses the victims and other people’s fear that the KKK might be behind this, in a way his character feels like he is trivializing the destruction this terrorist organisation leaves on a community and wants them to believe that instead of this group that has a history of murdering their community being at fault it has to be one of them.

He hasn’t got the people skills to explain that and him just shrugging it off and getting assy with anyone who brings it up is just making him look like a idiot. A idiot that we know is going to end up correct but a idiot nonetheless.

Unfortunately the majority of this episode was just my fears slowly coming true.

Bill and Nancy are at each others throats, as he’s been sent to Atlanta to help the ACM cases she’s getting angry that she’s left to pick up the pieces. They’ve been put under a microscope and she’s too busy telling people that her son is fine, they are fine and nothing is wrong whilst seeing the problems it has caused and knowing deep down that Brian needs help but at the same time fighting that help tooth and nail.


For me this entire thing is making Nancy the biggest contradiction in the world.

She see’s the weird behaviour and tries to hide it yet she’s getting fed up of being on her own with no help and not understanding anything but at the same time if Bill even breaths in the direction of the help they’ve been given he’s the bad guy for daring to think their son is weird or could kill a child.

Really don’t see what she really wants at the moment.

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