Fire Force : The Promise

Episode 10

Yakusoku” (約束)

With the Investigation over for now it is time to find out what our next objective actually is going to be.

So fun times.

It was that breather episode between two big stories I guess.

Saying that it makes it really hard to write about it if I’m honest.

Whilst the first half introduced all of the Captains of every Company as well as the Emperor of Tokyo there wasn’t really much to say about it.

All of the Captains look pretty cool, their Companies are going to be run very differently and there are some I am dying to see more of, specially 3 and 7, but the meeting of the Captains whilst promising to be super interesting actually ended up not being that important in the long run. We learn that Giovanni of the 3rd worked with Hibana under the Hajima company and Hibana thinks he wants to experiment on Shinra and that is why he asked whether they should secure him or not. As for the Captain of the 7th we learn he is Proto-Nationalist, he likes his name being the correct way around in proper Japanese and also just doesn’t care very much about the entire Fire Force so leaves before anything is really said or done.

As for the others they are seen, they are named and they don’t really do much other then Gustav Honda of the 2nd who basically tried to shout down Shinmon Benimaru of the 7th when he was being loud just before leaving.

In the middle stretch we saw Joker return to talk to Shinra, again it was all a little bit convoluted but it kind of had to be done for the final information dump on his brother.

I guess we learnt about the Adolla Burst, the purest of flames that is said to be bestowed by the God Sol, that is apparently the flame that is inside Shinra but it seems like a pointless thing that just means he’ll be targeted by the Evangelists and is there to bring him and his brother together to fight each other.

That said the music used whilst he was talking to Joker was amazing.

Finally Shinra told all of the above about his brother and his connections to the Evangelists to the 8th, it was all about him finally trusting them and them all coming together which I guess…. Was nice but also kind of pointless because I never thought he wouldn’t trust them. I just thought it was bad writing that he hadn’t mentioned it because at the end of the day he always seemed to 100% trust those around him.

Add in a sprinkle of comedy from Hibana being in love with Shinra, Lucky Lechery and Maki being cute and that it is.

That is the episode.

It was underwhelming whilst being super interesting. Plain whilst being one of the best episodes. Nothing to talk about whilst hyping up the next half of the season.

So a complete mess yet amazing.

Kind of explains Fire Force in general right?

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