Doctor Stone : Clear World

Episode 11

With training going on and a generator now all Senku needs to start experimenting is glass.

So here comes a lesson in how to make glass in the stone age.

Actually I was wrong in the last episode, some filler is worth having and seeing Suika finally getting to see properly was worth not having the Grand Bout in this episode.

I really loved the story with Suika, it wasn’t drawn out and was more of a stepping stone it looks to help Kinro who has the same problem that she does but believes that talking about it and using it as a excuse to why his depth perception is bad is unmanly. Which is in line with what we know of his character, being the one that goes by the rules and obviously cares about the values of the village. With Ginro off to get the ingredients for a silver spear I feel like he will end up telling Senku or someone about it even though he promised not too because it just seems like a obvious chance to get this sorted and see Kinro reach full potential.

Whether that is enough to beat Magma is another matter.

As for the glass making it was once again super interesting to see how he came to make glass but it also introduced a really cool character in Kaseki. I feel like it all felt very rushed because they are running out of time but I kind of like that they mention that a little by pointing out that he is so good when he didn’t even know what glass was moments before he started making a flask.

Thing is, like the lightening in the other episode, these things just need to happen.

We have the Grand Bout coming up and if Kinro is the one that wins that he’ll need glasses, no one knows how long Ruri has left to live so they need to stay focused on the drug for her and whilst I think Gen probably will stick with them he does deserve his chilled Cola too.

All in all there is a lot happening and it’ll all need to happen quickly so I don’t mind when we just have a naturally talented craftsman, built up to be a big deal that created nearly everything in the village, just know how to blow glass. It makes no sense but at the same time makes all of the sense.

I’m excited to see what dangerous path Senku leads Ginro down.

I’m also sorry if I constantly get Ginro and Kinro mixed up for some reason.

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