Astra : Lost in Space : Confession

Episode 11

It was Charce all along. That threat that was barely a threat and that was so obviously signposted a few episodes ago was Charce.

I admitted (though it won’t probably be out at the moment) in the highlight blog for the last episode that actually no one would have really been a great enemy at this point but you know what?

Poor Charce.

Well that was a episode and a half right?

I mean we were always going to get the real story of Charce and I guess we all guessed it would tie in with Aries seeing he did mention that she looked like the noble girl he made up in his story originally.

Turns out whilst he’s the clone of the King she’s the clone of the Princess and whilst he didn’t cause the Princess to be put in a coma she did die therefore technically, regardless of legality, Aries has a hand on the throne if she wanted to so Charce wasn’t targeting her because he thought it would make the king happy if he brought her back for him.

It makes sense.

Where the others seem to have failed is by raising their children, no matter how little love they gave them they still loved them, where the King seemed to have got it right was by telling Charce the truth and raising him a brainwashed, empty shell of a human who even whilst being told by someone he cared for greatly that his view on himself was wrong just didn’t get it.

Whilst right now he kind of does get it he continues to try and please the King for whatever reason. It was like he needed even more confirmation he can be a human and he doesn’t get that validation until he tries to kill himself and Kanata loses a arm saving him.

Yes that picture of Kanata’s arm floating in space will haunt me forever.

It was a decent episode but overly long explaining the history of Charce and Aries, introducing a character who has no similarities to Aries but we just need to know is her original and in all just being a dramatic bookmark to the series.

Most of the questions have now been answered and the only one I guess that is left to be answered is how exactly they really will be viewed if they make it back to Astra.

The good thing I guess we get out of this is that at least Aries mum isn’t lying. She is genuinely a lovely woman, one of the Princesses handmaidens who Seira let escape with Aries (Aries being Seira backwards) to raise as her own child.

That was a nice moment.

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