Anime Highlights Week 29

22nd-28th July 2019

It is a busy week in space, on earth, with Vikings and a Cyclops Gorilla… Just a busy week of story telling and not making any sense.

In other words it is a normal week of Anime.

Taiju’s character

We all want that moment where Taiju finally gets to tell Yuzuriha how he feels after 3,705 years of waiting and in this episode we learn we’ll be waiting a little longer as he puts the fate of the world before his feelings and what he wants by sweetly asking if she’ll let him finish the conversation they were having before this all happened after they saved the world.


It was a nice moment for Taiju though as it reaffirmed his strength of character as well as proving once more that his love for Yuzurhira is pure but his need to be a good person is more important.

They are cute.

Stories, stories, stories….

We get the story of how Taiju and Senku became friends, plus the story of the world of Fire Force. It was a week of learning about the past that we probably should have known from the beginning. Just a little bit.

I like stories though and it was a interesting look into the lives of some of the characters as well as strengthening bonds and giving us a proper look into what is going on.

Lack of connections?

BEM continues to kind of not give us a reason to care. It is telling a lot of stories but it also isn’t actually giving us anything to connect these stories and make the world seem bigger then just that one story.

Whilst it is still super interesting I am losing the will to live whilst watching it unfortunately.

Please get rid of fire cat please?

You might have noticed I have a weird thing, as does Luc, about certain females and how they are presented to us. I am not one to complain about skimpy armour, big ridiculous boobs or overly sexy characters as long as it doesn’t feel like it is only there for a joke and the only reason the character seems to be around at all.

Fire Cat in Fire Force is fantastic which might make you think that she’s free of me being annoyed just… She’s so cool I hate the fact she was presented as being a sex joke first and foremost.

Her outfit is stupid and unneeded, it has very little to do with her powers and seems pointless other then to have a character dressed in a “sexy” way. Constant “mistakes” that meant the boys were sat on, touched her inappropriately and the like ruined the flow of the episode and were so in your face and just not needed that whilst I like the idea of a character who basically uses her flames to become a cat I wanted to have that character off my screen as soon as she was on it.

Honestly someone show me how you can put your hand out in front of you and ACCIDENTALLY not just touch a boob but get your hand FULLY inside a bra?!

Just show me it and I’ll take this all back.

Gorilla Cyclops tho…

Still the best ridiculous thing about Fire Force.

Maki is honestly one of my favourite parts of the show. She’s tough, she doesn’t have to be dressed all sexy like to be interesting and she’s a freakin’ moron to boot.

Her constant obsession with people insulting her turning out to be her hearing them call her a Gorilla Cyclops just makes me burst into laughter every single time, it is one of those jokes that probably is going to be used way too often but at the same time even though you know it is coming it kind of just… Works. Every time.

Or at least so far.

Things get Tough in Space!

Shummoor is not a nice place to land for the kids on the Astra.

Everything might taste Yummy but it also just so happens to spoil super fast and to top it all off? The plants want to eat you.

It was one of the biggest threats so far in the series that saw giant mushroom plant things poison the ENTIRE crew other than Yun-Hua, it even at the last minute made you think “well this is a short anime” as the person going for the cure nearly dies as well.

THIS is why I love this show though because it is showing the tough side of this for the kids, it is showing that they can’t just land on a alien planet and survive. It is proper exploration through space with all the nasty bits added to it.


Yun-Hua is a sad character.

Her mother is famous and for some reason feels the need to shun her daughter and make her feel bad for her self. It is pointed out in the episode that she even grows her bangs long purely so people won’t look at her.

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in a long time as hit me as hard as that. As someone who is too big to hide away in the shadows but always been made to feel I should there is nothing more relatable then a character growing their hair long to cover their face so they can hide.

Yun-Hua became my baby in this episode and I dare ANYONE to start on her EVER!

Got that Aries? Try and kill my baby and I’ll kill you! Just I can’t because you are a anime character and not real but I can draw you then RUB YOU OUT!

Berserker RAGE!

I really enjoyed how they portrayed Bjorn’s berserk rage in Vinland Saga, I’ve always been pretty interested in Berserkers and whilst his fight wasn’t that great that might be more down to the fact that Thors is meant to be totally OP and by the looks of it his son ends up with Askeladd and his forces so we might get to see Bjorn doing better in a proper battle some other time and OMG AM I READY FOR THAT ALREADY!

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