Vinland Saga : Ragnarok

Episode 10

Ragunaroku” (ラグナロク)

It honestly couldn’t be a series about Nordic people’s without having a episode called Ragnarok can it?

Of course Ragnarok didn’t come it was more a metaphor. Or at least something that Askeladd might believe and that spurs him on but that isn’t what we probably think it is.

I don’t know but the point of the episode was basically to redirect Askeladd’s men.

They had already dropped off the main army, electing to stay in the South/South West to plunder and make some money before the winter and inevitable withdrawal of the Danish army but it is here that they learn that Canut had been defeated and Thorkell was on the march.

I really enjoyed the speech that Askeladd gave Thorfinn about how the Roman’s had been the conquerors of England before and they had been defeated by the Saxons and now the Saxons were being beaten by them. It doesn’t seem to have made a impact on Thorfinn yet but I think he’ll see what it means later, the entire point of showing him that things just change doesn’t seem like something Thorfinn is ready to see.

For example he see’s the day he defeats Askeladd as the day he gets revenge.

He is already dreaming of his father telling him not to live for revenge because it isn’t what will make him happy, which is true, and now he’s got Askeladd showing him that things move on and pointing out that of course one day Thorfinn will defeat him as Thorfinn is growing up whilst Askeladd is growing old which was one of the best lines in anything ever.

There will be no honour in defeating a old man and life has to move on regardless of who defeats who.

My only problem with this episode was it felt like the perfect time to actually tell Thorfinn that whilst it doesn’t absolve him of killing his father that Askeladd and his men were basically doing it on the orders of Floki. A important fact that I guess in the absence of Askeladd, because he’s off to kill Thorkell and that isn’t going to end well, a number of his men could tell Thorfinn.

It would have just been nice for Askeladd to point that out and the fact that Thorfinn is just going through his emo teenager faze right now with the whole “I am not your friend” stuff. At the end of the day if Askeladd had no honour Thorfinn wouldn’t be here, if he had no control over him then Thorfinn would have left years ago or would just be dead. Thorfinn might be there for revenge but he’s learnt pretty much everything thanks to Askeladd and he’s living the dream his father died for him to live thanks to Askeladd keeping him around, safe and fed.

At some point I would like to see that pointed out.

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