The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : Nothing is Simple Anymore

Episode 2

The classic story continues on its march to a future we all already know but it is the journey there that is important.

With a episode to set the groundwork of the world and characters it was nice to see most of their stories start gaining some traction.

It took one episode for the Chamberlain to start showing his true strengths as he is able to stop rumour of what happened to Mira by telling the Gelfling’s that it was Rian that killed her, Deet has to get used to the fact that the world outside her Grotto is dangerous and not every creature is going to be nice whilst Brea meets up with a wonderfully Eddie Izzard voiced Cadia who doesn’t really help her.

Again no expense was spared for small little details like the opening scene of Aughra’s Podling getting ready for his day,

Unlike the first episode this one didn’t seem to have a single moment to wait, it speed through the episode at a decent pace telling the different stories well and leaving you wanting more. Like most Netflix Originals it is easy to binge watch because who wants to wait even another few moments to find out what happens next?

Suddenly you see that so many of the characters are on a crash course with each other with basically the same goal in mind, to warn each other of the impending doom the world is in. I guess we can now see why it is called Age of Resistance because when both Deet and Rian both make it to Ha’rar they’ll come with small pieces of information that basically boils down to the Skeksis are destroying the world. That being said whether or not Maudra listens to them or not is another thing.

I really like how the stories, which seemed to be so far apart, are so easily being brought together. It doesn’t matter where each Gelfling was to begin with their path will end up leading them to each other and no story feels forced at all. It is a nice change to see a show that just lets the story develop when so many things recently have seemed to want to force things to make their shows more dramatic or rush things to get as much story out in a small amount of time as possible. Each individual character has had a story to tell and in two episodes they have all been fleshed out and developed so that you truly care about them and what happens to them.

Specially in this episode Rian.

I have to admit that whilst I guessed his story would be important his part in the first episode, other then the very end, left me not really that interested in him as a character but regardless of my feelings to him as a character it was so important to have him there in this episode to really hit home just how under the thumb Gelflings are to the Skeksis.

It isn’t just the Skeksis that think this, they aren’t just looking down on Gelflings with no purpose.

For example why would a Skeksis know more about how the Gelfling dreamfast works?

Yet even though that is something unique to the Gelflings Rian’s father automatically seems to just believe that if he dreamfast with Rian that what he would see was a lie because the Skeksis said so.

They haven’t just taken over Thar in other words they have truly implanted in the Gelflings very being the fact that they are inferior in every way. You also saw this with the Tithe and the fact that they can manipulate a room of Gelflings when there are only two Skeksis to do their bidding by guilt tripping them and threatening to remove their help and support.

What their actual help and support is I don’t know but until she drugged Cadia I think Brea was the only one on the path to find out the lies they have woven into Gelfling society.

In other words this episode was another interesting look at how the Skeksis have been able to manipulate Thar to their bidding, how the Gelflinggs aren’t helpless but they have been made to feel helpless and in need of support from a group that does nothing but take and now Aughra, my all time favourite character from the series, is awake and angry.

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