Mindhunter S2E5

We are slowly seeing Ford lose his ability to see past the Atlanta Child Murders, it left Carr and Smith to deal with their actual job in the last episode and saw him making promises he just couldn’t keep to the families of the victims so far.

It might not be a good thing for him in the future.

This is the Manson episode.

Due to it being the Manson episode it feels like a lot of the personal drama was brought in to fill the gaps between being told that they were interviewing Manson and the actual interview. It also felt like the interview itself, whilst always going to be a wild ride because it is Manson after all, was kind of only included right now to help the Bill situation get more dramatic….

Or maybe the Bill situation was there because they didn’t really know what to have Damon Herriman doing as Manson in the interview.

Even the Manson interview and later the interview with Tex felt like it wasn’t as big a deal as it should have been which is a bit of a shame. Whilst I love seeing the team look into current events and I do think obviously we need their outside lives explained and worked on to make the show work the first season worked so well because of the interviews with Kemper and others.

Herriman was amazing at being this oddball, hippy type creep that could talk rings around everyone.

Holden said nothing whilst Manson talked at Bill, preaching about a situation Manson knew nothing about but Bill had shown him enough to give him the ammunition he needed to get under his skin.

That was it though.

That was the Manson interview.

It was there to tell Bill he was a bad father because his adopted son had been part of a murder with other kids and that obviously is all Bill’s fault. A feeling his wife seems to share as she tries to tell the world there is nothing wrong with her son and does her best not to get the help she needs for him whilst being told he needs that help because the only other option is for him to be taken to trial for what he did or taken off them because they are unfit parents.

Again though none of that feels like we’ll get any development with Brian or Brian and Bills relationship. It feels there to drive a wedge in his marriage and have him as lonely as Holden for the next series or have him leave completely.

This was all made worse by one factor.

Cameron Britton.

Yes that is right the absolute star of the first series was back as Ed Kemper, sat down to tell the FBI agents just how much he deplored Manson and how Manson wasn’t seen as being a proper murderer. He didn’t get why they wanted to talk to someone who had never killed anyone and warned them of the ride they had in front of them, talking about how Manson just liked to talk. Well talk he did.

The differences in EVERY interview and the interviews and just general chats they have with Kemper is like night and day. Whilst Michael Filipowich and Robert Aramayo have done great jobs with lesser known criminals and made a lasting and sad impression on me Britton just steals the entire show the moment he walks on and you can feel the gap that him not being a interviewee has left.

For me I feel it is because I loved that part of the show so much that not having the interviews just feels bad. When we do have them they aren’t in depth and no one is truly there to just talk to someone like they were with Kemper and it is sad.

Was it worth it?

I don’t really think so.

I feel for me they actually ruined their own Manson interview.

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