Fire Force : The Spreading Malice

Episode 9

Moehirogaru Akui” (燃え拡がる悪意)

Not sure if smashing his face in is going to be enough it looks like we might at least get a battle between Shinra and Rekka in this episode. Still sad we didn’t get another episode in between all this to learn about Rekka before… Well this.

THIS, this episode started with at least a small amount of the character development we should have seen before the last episode.

It is all fine and good to have it in this episode to show why he was Tamaki’s idol but we as the people who need a emotional connection to the story should have been seeing things like that before the last episode to make us care that Rekka is the bad guy.

Before I talk about the episode as a whole I have to say that I’m kind of coming around to Tamaki BUT she really does ruin pretty much everything. As a character she’s OK, her connection to Rekka was pretty cute and she’s a decent character that can take responsibility for her own actions even if she knew she was deceived when following orders.

That being said we had a amazing fight between Shinra and Rekka be disturbed so that for a few minutes we could have Shinra fall into her boobs, run off with her skirt, her clothes being burnt away and then him kissing her.

In the middle of a giant battle between the Hero and the guy who probably held the answers to EVERYTHING.

Take that away and it was a really well choreographed and thought out battle. It gave us some biological knowledge on the Pyromancers and their powers, I don’t know if we had been given this in one of many information dumps throughout the series but learning that the flames they produce are produced through the oxygen in their body therefore they get light headed when they use them too much is interesting. It also gave a decent reason why after Rekka was defeated and the sniper was escaping Shinra couldn’t just fly over to them with Karim and start a fight.

Rekka preaching throughout gave us glimpses into the organisation he was working with. I don’t really get how that works with the whole Burns situation but I think we’re meant to believe that Karim and Li really aren’t part of this Evangelist organisation and maybe whatever Burns thinks that he’ll be in trouble for if Obi is investigating them is something different? I don’t really know.

What we do learn is that this organisation obviously were the ones that targeted probably both Shinra’s family when he was younger and the orphanage that Iris and Hibana were at, they are looking for children that can hold onto the light to make the world into a second sun… Its all about religious and ridiculous at the moment but it makes sense why both Shinra and Iris had similar stories.

It also means that Jokers revelation about Shinra’s brother makes more sense, if the Evangelists are after children that can hold in their flames they might have set it off in his brother and his mother and his brother survived to be taken away whilst his mother was left as a Infernal.

Why Burns is important I don’t know.

Maybe he really was just the guy who just so happened to be there that day, maybe that has made him work towards helping stop all this and he’s actually on the right team but won’t talk about it because he’s a stubborn old guy who won’t talk to people about things like that. Maybe he is in on it? Who knows.

This episode was a beautiful one that left us with answers yet more questions.


I know Arthur is a idiot and I know that the joke was he got lost but with that final scene are we meant to believe that he might actually be a Evangelist too?

Like I said.

Who knows?

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