Dr. Stone : A Flimsy Alliance

Episode 10

Usuppera no Dōmei” (薄っぺらの同盟)

With basic electricity the plan continues to make the antibiotic for Ruri but Senku also has the problem of Asagiri and whether or not he’ll be on his side and report back to Tsukasa that Senku is indeed dead.

There are a few things going on in this episode.

First up Gen.

He is attacked by Magma but it seems was set to join the Kingdom of Science after seeing the Edison Light bulb work so after striking a deal for a chilled bottle of Cola he actually tells Tsukasa that Senku is dead.

That in itself let us see the kind of army that Tuskasa is building and actually I never really mentioned that the way for him to actually win over the people of the past is to only bring back the strong that can survive and are easily bent to his ideology because they themselves are strong enough to survive just like he is.

His army is terrifying.

Specially when you think the best the Village has is a psychopath like Magma who tried to kill Gen in this episode thinking he was the sorcerer and is all ready to beat the crap out of everyone to become the village Elder and even maybe will kill Ruri instead of waiting for her to naturally die as his wife because he doesn’t want to look after a sick person.

Which then blends into the fact that he ISN’T doing all this right now because Kohaku defeated him in this grand fight thing that basically gives you the right to marry Ruri and become the Elder.

So whilst Senku and Chrome go about saving Ruri’s life past her adulthood, Kohaku takes Ginro and Kinro under her wing to make them ready to fight Magma in the Grand Bout so one of them can marry her and save her in the short term and make sure the entire village doesn’t come under the rule of psychotic Magma.

That was the entirety of the episode I guess.

For a start the episode showed how much empathy Kohaku has.

Not only does she love her sister this much that she does all these things to help her but she actually thinks of Chrome’s feelings when helping train someone else to marry Ruri knowing that he’s in love with her. It honestly isn’t a side I thought much about as she came over as being a nice person but not a very open one but it turns out she’s got a big heart.

It also showed how with patience and slowly proving you aren’t a threat you can win even the most steadfast of people over. Ginro finally coming around to helping out because he’s seen by everything that Senku has done that he isn’t a threat to the village. It also helps that he believed that all they wanted to do was to save Ruri. It was a nice way to finally have them won over to the side, Senku didn’t have to beg or annoy them any more then they kind of wanted to be annoyed and now they have two semi-strong guards on their side.

So one immediate threat was replaced with another.


Tsukasa might be happy to stay put and not go to the Village so his threat gets handed over to Magma who not only is a threat to Ruri but to Senku and his group as well. As Village Elder he could start all out war with Senku and if he becomes Village Elder it’ll be because he was able to defeat all the people Senku has on his side.

Things like the cure for Ruri and the Cola for Gen are important but I kind of hope we get to see the Grand Bout sooner then later because whilst I guess it might be a good way to end the series or to build up to a little more I don’t think there is much more to say about it. Anything between now and the actual Bout is going to fell like filler mainly due to the fact that the story is going to purely be science filled until then. It’ll be how Senku gears them up or carries on working on a cure or making Cola and less about the village and the way of its people.

I just don’t think it needs to be built up because we don’t really have the connection with Ruri or Ginro/Kinro or even the Village for this to be drawn out.

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