Astra : Lost in Space : Culprit

Episode 10

So the biggest mystery of the series has ended just for a new one to be put in its place.

What is Astra? Where is Earth? And who else actually really cares? Maybe this is the episode to make me care seeing it was just a cliffhanger in the last episode but I honestly don’t see how this all ties in together or why we should care about a separate mystery after 10 episodes of the main point of this series being developed and worked on.

Also with a name like culprit are we remembering that someone apparently is trying to kill them all? That maybe one of them is in with the parents?

Money is still on Ares who has no real reason for being a clone as of yet…

OK so let me get this straight because I feel a lot of my problems with reviewing Astra is that I just start to ramble a lot.

For a start the entire Astra/Earth thing might actually be a big part of everything but it also isn’t super important either. I mean it might tie into a mystery I talk about in a minute but it just seems that Earth as we know it was destroyed a long time ago and people migrated to a new planet.

Paulina therefore has just been frozen in time longer then they think because they seemingly have just renumbered years. For them their history diverts at the Cuban Missile Crisis but that could have just been a easy part of history for the new settlers on Astra to start again. Instead of peace and the history WE know they said WWIII happened and they had decided to live in a non-country non-religious world where they just wanted peace.

What actually happened is in 2057 a asteroid hit Earth and that was the planet that we saw at the beginning of the season surrounded by rocks and iced over. A new Ice Age after the catastrophe that destroyed it. The blob that transported the kids there? A wormhole created to send all of humanity to Astra before Earth was destroyed.

Now that isn’t set in stone, it seems the obvious reasoning behind everything but there could be wiggle room for just about anything else but it stopped that being something people needed to worry about.

Next up we went back, as I suggested, to the Culprit. The Enemy.

I am honestly really disappointed that it wasn’t Aries as you probably can guess but I’m also pretty let down that it was Charce. I mean I get it, it turns out he was the clone of the King, Noah Vix, and this is probably some big royalty thing that will make more sense then Aries being some sort of undercover assassin sent out to murder everyone.

Of course someones story had to be a lie and whilst his was emotional it was something that couldn’t be fact checked and still didn’t add up all too well.

There is little to no point worrying about what might be the answer because it is obvious he’s been corned and will now tell everyone everything anyway so yeah.

Aries is just a boring character with little to no point other than her photographic memory.

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