Anime Highlights Week 28

15th July – 21st July

We are now three weeks into the new season of anime and what have we got to show for it?!

Painful pain is painful…

Demon Slayer went all out in this weeks episode with Mother’s victims just being one of the most painful things to watch.

Seeing them controlled by Mother, then killed in cold blood because she could no longer use them before sending down a doll she made before she herself was killed is just hard to watch.

Not only that but her story seemed sad.

We didn’t really get much of a story this time but I guess it’ll all end up coming together in the end but her part of it was painful enough even if it doesn’t stop the fact she broke all the Demon Slayers necks.

Watching as they begged for death after she broke their bones and messed around with them like they were made of cloth was just painful.


Poor Ulgar..

I don’t know why I wanted to highlight him in this episode in particular but I just felt real sorry for him.

We found out a little about who he is, we saw his ability with a gun but he seems to be the character that they are heavily hinting at being the Enemy purely because he’s a lone wolf.

He doesn’t seem to want to be there but he’s put his life on the line to save them… I dunno I just feel like there is so much more to poor Ulgar and it’ll be heartbreaking to find out what it is. I would also feel like it was a cop out if he did then end up being the Enemy, it just doesn’t feel right.


I mean I might just add this every single time.

It feels like they are trying to make it obvious she isn’t which makes it obvious she is but maybe they want you to think it is obvious she is and her annoying personality, no actual need to be there and lack of any kind of talent other than a photographic memory are just there because they had a cute character.

Aries is evil I tell you… EVIL!


Quite simply I love that Bem seems to have meaning behind their titles.

Water = Water monster attacking.

Liar = Elaine being a liar that manipulates everything.

I think Elaine is probably the best bad guy we’ve seen in the two episodes because she is a very real human threat, whilst high school bitches don’t tend to call on a assassin to kill the people they don’t like her causing drama and isolating people so that everyone has to play the game she wants to play is very realistic.

Seeing everyone having conflicting stories about her was actually pretty creepy in its own way.


With Vikings and a land taken over once more by nature this season has a lot of beauty to it.

It was really nice to see the Cherry Blossoms in Dr. Stone for example, the entire scene with Yuzuriha finding her way to the Buddha and the scenery around that area was just breathtaking. It once more showed the potential of nature which is what Tsukasa wants to preserve.

Split Personalities….

I don’t really understand what is going on in Bem yet but seeing Belo and Bela just go about a normal life was pretty interesting. Technically a double life and not a split personality I know but I’m a idiot and too lazy to click on it to change it.

They are obviously monsters of some sort that took the faces of humans, in Bela’s case the face of a dead girl who was murdered by her friend, and living lives of normal-ish kids. Why, to what purpose and what it will actually achieve I don’t know but the entire episode made me wonder why they aren’t more like Belo who is happy with the way things are.

I mean no one seems to know?

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