Mindhunter S2E4

Holden has now been shown up as the snob he is, only really wanting to interview intelligent killers which allowed Atlanta’s  Jim Barney to shine as well as surprisingly Gregg.

Now the focus has shifted to the Atlanta Child Murderer instead of the BTK and we still have that promised interview with Manson to look forward to.

This very much felt like the episode that was meant to set the foundations for the series. I don’t know why it popped up in episode 4 and I’m not sure I’m that happy to see where it is going but let’s take a look at it.

We all have to love Ted a little bit, the introduction of the character means the team get breathing space and some love instead of being treated like a freak show that should be shunned. At the same time though he very much has placed himself behind Holden, he wants this to be his crowning glory as much as Holden’s and he truly believes leaving him to follow his gut is going to get him results that he wants. That means for the show that Holden can pick and chose whether he goes to talk to interviewees or to run off to Atlanta to work with them on a current case.

Guess which one he picked?

Whilst Ted is kind of helping Holden to do what Holden wants to do he’s also making Wendy grow a little as a character. Again it is great to see, her trying to put what she’s seen Holden do into practice as her and Smith are left to talk to a serial killer who had killed the serial killer who had groomed him to help him. We got the tinest and most negative bit of development from Smith, he is homophobic, whilst also seeing that he is incapable of doing this job whilst Wendy was able to kind of get somewhere with Henley by telling him her own relationship with a same sex colleague but in the end not being able to break him due to his insistence that he isn’t gay or had anything to do with the murders that his former mentor did.

I like that we got to see someone who obviously cared about the entire process in a interview but Holden does have that magic way with words and I kind of missed him getting to talk to Elmer Wayne Henley Jr, in fact I feel like the show did a disservice to that interview because again the actor was amazing at what he was doing but I feel like Robert Aramayo will never be seen again as Henley and as such we’ve missed out on what could have been a wonderful interview with Holden and Bill.

Away from that though and I feel like Wendy is slowly starting to feel like she is unwanted. Her even agreeing to do the interview was down to Ted treating her like she was part of the team before kind of ignoring her all together, she has something to prove and also something to prove in her life outside of work which will maybe be interesting to see develop. I’m not too sure about that one though.

At the moment the Atlanta stuff isn’t really getting my interest and whilst Bill’s family stuff is still pretty interesting I have a bad feeling about where that is going to go, as with Wendy’s, and I just feel like all of this drama for the sake of it just isn’t needed.

I mean having his child see a murder and kind of be part of it without actually being part of it is a interesting story to tell but I feel it won’t be there to develop either Bill or his son but to put pressure on the team and his relationship with his wife which just doesn’t seem necessary.

Drama for the sake of drama in the middle of a show that is so interesting it doesn’t need the added drama.

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