Fire Force : Infernal Insects

Episode 8

Homura no Mushi” (焰の蟲)

With Arthur and Shinra now in the 1st for a little period of time we might start getting some answers to the questions that we have.

It might actually take some more time but I doubt it’ll be hard for them two to make more of a ruckus then they already have in the last episode because lets face it… One is a moron and the other is a high functioning idiot.

This episode was so good.

It also came one episode too soon and once more made the series feel like it was rushing a important story. I don’t know if it is because they want to make sure they get the entire story done by the end of the season or if the Manga itself was just this rushed but whilst I loved this episode it showed a wasted potential that just hurts a little to think about.

Instantly we’ve gone from investigating the 1st to actually finding the culprit or at least one of them and being able to at least report back that Hibana’s conclusion of it being a bug is correct and that it is something to do with the 1st is also correct.

That in itself I guess isn’t too bad.

Hibana’s work had already lead to all this being pretty much confirmed and that is fair enough but what it lacked was connections with the characters.

We know Tamaki obviously but we don’t know her well enough to care much for her. Noto seems interesting but also more like a throwaway. Karim and Rekka also are interesting enough but their story has now been forced forward so fast that it is hard to really care what they are and aren’t.

In other words we just met Rekka in the last episode and we were left with the conclusion that one or maybe all three of the Lieutenants in the 1st might be involved in what Shinra and Arthur are investigating. To then go to having Rekka use Tamaki and be the one that is doing all this didn’t actually have any kind of impact on me. I didn’t care. We were told in the last episode it’ll be one of the three and without actually giving us any reason to care, anything to try and guess which one it might be and there then being a OMG it is the other one instead we just had it happen and then some dialogue from Tamaki which I think was meant to make us think “OMG why is it him?” because he never came across as being gentle or anything so what Tamaki see’s the audience hasn’t seen so him being the bad guy was like “well it is obvious it’ll be one of them” and her emotional reaction and sadness was unimportant.

One more episode of them just there investigating, getting to know characters, seeing Rekka and Tamaki interact more and actually giving us a red herring or two might have meant this actually had a emotional impact.

We didn’t get that and in fact I’m not sure why Shinra would just accept that Karim, who was also in the alleyway with Rekka and had a insect in his drawer, isn’t lying about working with Rekka.

It makes me feel like maybe all three of them ARE working together, especially as we’d seen Burns announce that Obi was making his play in the last episode to all three which means they all know there is something to hide.

Why this episode was still a fantastic episode and I loved it so much was because they used children and that is my weak spot.

Old people and children.

It is the innocence of it all and Rekka targeting scared, vulnerable and innocent victims.

Seeing those two kids talking about what they got out of the machines and being all happy, seeing them say things like “someone I knew turned into a Infernal and I don’t want it to happen to me” made it so hard to watch not only when Rekka turned one of their own mothers into a Infernal and instantly killed her in front of her kid but when he then turned to that one child and tried to turn him too.

Thankfully whatever weird plot Rekka has about a Pilot Light this kid was compatible which means the poor thing is still alive and not a Infernal… Or at least not yet.

THAT emotionally connected with me.

It was also interesting hearing him ramble on about stuff it was just a shame that we hadn’t got to know him better, hadn’t got to know the 1st better and didn’t get a chance to see the story breath more.

Will it make me care more about Tamaki?

Possibly but I could do without the Lucky Lechery if I’m honest.

Do I think it’ll be as simple as Rekka being the one at fault?

I honestly hope not for its own good.

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