Dr. Stone : Be the Light of Science

Episode 9

Kono Te ni Kagaku no Akari o” (この手に科学の灯を)

Senku has decided to take over the land with the Food of Science.

That is…


Whilst people reacting to the Ramen was pretty amazing it was the introduction of someone who had been awoken by Tsukasa and there to confirm Senku’s death that stole the episode.

It was a episode of pure science babble mixed in with some Mentalist babble and purely there to bring the Science Kingdom together and show how they slowly bring people to their side as well as sow the seeds of a clash with the actual village.

Asagiri isn’t someone I personally feel like anyone could ever trust but like most normal people after seeing what Senku can do I think he honestly ends up wanting to stay. He doesn’t say as much in this episode but he’s a intelligent guy and he see’s the work that Senku puts in and the results he gets and is left totally gobsmacked by it. I honestly think that most people after seeing the look into their pasts with Senku’s future won’t care for Tsukasa’s lifestyle.


Whilst it is hard work right now to make Senku’s dreams come true for someone who lived in this century there are a lot of things that’ll they’ll miss. Food that has been prepared instead of just cooked, things that keep you safe instead of just relying on the strong, thing that comfort you instead of just making do. I think Tsukasa’s world will be a hard sell to many who are smart enough to see that his world is a dictatorship based on only the strongest surviving.

Tsukasa’s biggest audience to woe should be primitive villagers like the ones that Senku is talking too.

Science is a hard sell to them because to them it is sorcery. They have lost all knowledge of what the world was like and seem to have passed down tales that help them survive but no myths or legends on the world that the stone people left behind. Tsukasa could easily swoop in on minds that are afraid of what Senku is doing with tales of the wars and horrors of the world he’s trying to recreate and gain a army of people who have had to live in the wild over scientists.

At the moment though he’s asking people to leave their world behind them even more then they already have to and turn their back on everything they know to live in a world they don’t understand.

Again if Senku wins the villagers over and things go to a war Tsukasa still loses because the villagers will be adapt at surviving compared to those he has awoken who are used to others doing the fighting and surviving for them.

Then again that is another bridge to be passed at another time.

Speaking of bridges this episode showed how easy it will be for the villagers to go against Senku in that a simple misunderstanding as a child see’s Senku rip up a slate from the bridge nearly had him in full on war with Magma, a giant of a man who basically wants to kill Senku for fun.

It is so easy to rile them up because some of them are already just waiting for the command to kill the outsider. They probably don’t see outsiders often so the thought of sport, doing something that will get them kudos in the village as well as just even in a primitive world there being assholes that want to hurt others will motivate them over anything that Senku or even Tsukasa can offer them.

So it was a interesting episode full of science and I’ve sat here talking about everything but the science…

I’m no good at science.

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