Bem : Shadow

Episode 3

Following on from a episode about Bela we get a episode about Belo.

What they are still isn’t explained but we have a episode anyway.

At the moment all of the episodes are very stand aloneish which wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for the fact I’m honestly waiting patiently for something that makes the entire world understandable to me.

That being said I’m not sure it’ll be long till that happens.

This episode did also bring back a lot of mysteries from the first one, the organisation that is keeping a eye on Bem, Belo and Bela as well as the “professor” that the water monster talked about in the first episode. It also very nearly gave us some kind of answer to Sonia just Carver was killed before they could have their friendly chit chat.

I think I’m more likely to care when I know what Bem and his sidekicks are.

Sure I like all three characters, Bela comes across as being very normal teenage girlish whilst Belo is a lone wolf that doesn’t feel like he fits in and we have the cool older character who we know nothing about yet but we don’t actually know what they are or have been given a reason to care.

This entire episode and the one before didn’t make me care for Belo or Bela it just gave me a look at who they are and nothing more.

I don’t really care if Belo doesn’t like one side of the city or the other, whether he wants to be human or not or what some snob thinks he might or might not have done because I have no reason to care for Belo. If his only character trait was that he was a sad, lonely boy then this episode might have meant something but then you wouldn’t have the cool transformation and killing of the Shadow either because he was just human. He doesn’t even want to be human in his own words so why should we care?

Again the episode was really good but it hasn’t given you anything yet to actually connect to the world or characters. It is only three episodes in though and I will continue to mention it because I actually really enjoy the episodes but when they end I just kind of shrug and don’t care anymore because they don’t give me a reason to care.

I want to care.

With Sonia and Bem’s worlds totally apart and not actually knowing what any of the characters are, their backstories or even, and I say this after two episodes focused on two characters, their defining characteristics are other then “mysterious” or “grumpy loner” it just feels like a lot of pretty stuff happening, some kind of creepy stuff and a lot of action but no actual foundations for the story to sit on.

Actually no.

There just is no story.

There are self contained stories being told but we’re meant to be connecting them and waiting for a reason to care about a bigger picture that just isn’t there at the moment.

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