Astra : Lost in Space : Revelation

Episode 9

With Quiterrie and Funi being clones the mystery is being blown wide open but for me is sticking to the same principal.

This MUST all have something to do with their parents and with Paulina worried about something that “didn’t happen” I’m guessing this is some very huge conspiracy that I’m not sure they can figure out in the middle of space…

So again the big mystery, the big cliffhanger from last episode, was over and done with in the first part of the episode.

I love shows like this because I can just spitball answers and when I’m right I don’t know whether to be happy or point out that it was too obvious. Like everything I said was basically said in this episode and we’ve got to the point where the mystery of why the kids were thrown into space and all that has been explained.

That is one mystery gone.

I don’t know how to take it either.

It was actually a pretty decent conclusion to it I guess. The greedy parents who tried to kill their clones, all they were worried about was basically eternal life and they raised their kids at a arms length. Sorry I keep calling them kids but I just feel it is wrong to call them clones because as was also pointed out in the episode environment also has something to do with the person you turn out to be and these kids have been through so much in their lives that they are their own person.

So what Zack is still emotionless like his father?

He also has a heart of gold and obviously really does love Quitterie, as the hilarious scene of them coming out as engaged proved.

Also who cares if Quitterie and Funi are the same person?

They very obviously aren’t and have much more a sister bond then anything else. Funi wasn’t even brought up in the same way so it is pointless to compare them as humans.

As for poor Luca….

It was heartwarming to see them all getting over it in their own way, coming to terms with the parents that never loved them and realising in the 3 months that they’ve been lost in space they’ve made closer bonds to the people around them then they’ve ever had. They have real friends, people who want to push the best out of them and their own dreams.

Getting back to their home planet might seem like a good thing for them, I doubt very much that it’ll go as smoothly as they think it will but as always it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. After all they were lost in space because of a program that means as soon as they are found out to be clones will put their parents in prison.

That being said if it is illegal to make clones what is the actual thought on clones?

They think they’ll go on to live happy lives but is that the truth of the matter? Will they honestly just be able to pick up a life that they never should have had?

That being said that is one mystery that is kind of over and the ending to it is going to be a action packed thing later on in the series.

With their story over it is time for more pressing stories because obviously it wouldn’t be this show without a dramatic cliffhanger of a ending and with the main mystery of who did it, why they did it and who these kids are over and done with (though are we giving up on someone actually being a bad guy? I still go for Ares you know) there needs to be something else?

Not I know that we probably got told that the planet is called Astra, I mean the entire series is called Astra : Lost in Space and I never really thought about it to be honest with you.

It wasn’t until Paulina came in to see Earth, yes you have it right EARTH, and figuring out hey that isn’t Africa what is this planet?

Obviously this is a even BIGGER mystery then just a general mystery because I live on the planet Earth and I know of Africa but I’m 100% sure that a few planets away isn’t a revolving mass of carnivorous plants and one half hot and one half cold so WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!

So let me try and figure this out…

I guess the clue is with Paulina’s words in the last episode. “It didn’t happen” or something similar meaning that her crew, which we knew were looking for a habitable planet, were on this mission because something bad was going to happen and they would need to get away from Earth quick.

So I guess we can conclude that it wasn’t 12 years she’s been in stasis for but maybe much longer?

Then again there are so many reasons why this could be different.

As I said we know for a fact what our planets look like to a extent thanks to all sorts of scientific reasons meaning that she’s either surpassed our galaxy and gone elsewhere, they somehow got transported to a different dimension or she’s so far into the future compared to where she was that everything has changed completely… Which doesn’t actually explain why she crash landed on that planet.

So it turns out that Paulina’s mystery might not have anything to do with this story as a whole…

So if it doesn’t why should we care? I get that it’ll be interesting but the point of this series was the kids and their journey and not really anything else and now we have a random character and a new mystery that has come out of nowhere and doesn’t help the kids in any way or even change the world we’re in in any way as far as I know.

Like so what if Earth isn’t Earth anymore?

Even if she’s come from another dimension or something who cares?

It’ll be interesting to figure out but what does it really have to do with the rest of the story other then give us a new mystery because they couldn’t keep the other mystery going long enough to complete a series?

What is even the point?

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