Anime Highlights Week 27

8th – 14th July 2019…

Yeah I’m dating them so I never get mixed up again.

It was a strong start to a season that I wasn’t actually looking forward to that much but I enjoyed it nonetheless so lets hope that it continues to be enjoyable.

Petrification = Losing your clothes…

To be absolutely fair there is probably a smart reason for this. I mean it has been 3,700 years so having perfectly preserved clothing might be a bit of a stretch but at the same time it is kind of hilarious and something I missed from the first episode.

I mean I saw, obviously, Taiju running about naked but I just didn’t think about it until it became a big thing in this episode.

Which was funny.

It makes more sense then this ability these people have to have been stuck in one position for 3,700 years yet wake up and be able to think straight AND move like nothing happened.

Ya know, stone things.

Tsukasa Shishio

So earlier on I mentioned the entire stone thing and Tsukasa’s arrival is one of those moments where the “science” behind it all just baffles me.

He instantly is able to fight wild lions, instantly able to come up with a plan to agree to help the other two and be the strength they need in fights as well as ended up with cool robes because he used the lion skin before turning into one of those “I want the world to be run by the youth who aren’t tainted” characters that have some sort of ulterior motive in what he’s doing and therefore Senku keeping things from him turns into a good idea.

Whilst I liked Taiju and Senku well enough together the addition of Tsukasa seems forced and put kind of a drag on the entire episode. Hoping that it is just a first episode for him probably and he grows to be more interesting.

Takehisa Hinawa

OK so week 2 for this season might just be “ohhh look at this shiny new character I like or dislike” but we’re going to pop Hinawa into the highlights for many reasons.

Maybe the most obvious being that he’s super cool, super terrifying and poured coffee over the head of a fire sprite thing that Maki had made.

He also seems to be so annoyingly terrifying that even Obi isn’t too sure how to take him.

Honestly though I loved him because he kind of worked well with Obi, whilst Obi has his ways that are softer and more about making the group a family and therefore wanting to do their best, Hinawa keeps the company on their toes.

Plus he’s super cool and uses a gun and I just love him so much.

The truth about Infernals?!

So the first episode gave us a lot of information on Infernals but this episode made me wonder if we truly know anything about them at all.

We are faced with a girl whose mother already has been turned and now her father has, a Pyrokinetic messing about outside and yet… There didn’t seem to be any support for her family after the mother died, in fact it shows in Shinra that when one person turns they don’t truly make a big deal out of it.

Which means that they don’t have a clue what is going on.

It isn’t like Titan’s in Attack on Titan where it runs in a bloodline else the daughter at least and Shinra would have been taken away and monitored, it also doesn’t necessarily have to be a person turning on their own will, we’ve now seen two cases where ash like substance was present and now also seen a Pyrokinetic standing outside playing with a bottle of this ash.

What if this is all Pyrokinetics?

I don’t think they know in universe and we obviously don’t have a clue but I hope it is something we slowly learn about.

Evil Chaos Monster?!

Bem started this week and with Bem came a monster that was just water…

I mean he seemed to be a human that had been turned into a monster made of water but that isn’t the point.

It was a terrifying concept that I loved seeing play out, the guy was able to form a body and talk but was just water. This meant that he could attack from just about anywhere, expand himself to pretty much any size and even at one point sliced a bunch of people in half with one Hydro Pump like attack.

It was awesome.

Also scary.

Made me love the series before it actually gave much of a reason to love it.


Yes I’m excited! Why? Because in Astra Lost in Space they actually land down on the first planet, Vilavurs, and have to scavenge for food and water which basically means they land on a alien planet and get to explore whilst bonding.

Loved the different kinds of planets and animals they encountered and it also showed off how dangerous it is to be in that position and just messing around as Funi ends up stuck up a tree and nearly carried off by a flying creature.

Still they got to explore a different planet! How cool?!


So we’ll go back to a old favourite shall we?!

Things are heating up once more for the Demon Slayers but it was and will always be Zenitsu that stole my heart.

From the start of the episode where he chased after Nezuko and Tanjiro to make friends and have her fall in love, to him running once more from Inosuke then being too scared to go up the mountain before realising that Nezuko had been taken with Tanjiro and running in to save her.

Honestly he is the most ridiculous character and his parts kind of intersect the more serious moments to bring brief moments of comedy and I personally like that. I love both sides of this show and I think it works best when it has the two sides together so his character is perfect.

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