Vinland Saga : Beyond the Edge of the Sea

Episode 8

Umi no hate no hate” (海の果ての果て)

Finally Thorfinn has taken the head of someone high enough that Askeladd has agreed to face him in yet another duel, whether that duel actually happens in this episode or not is a different matter but he was promised one.

Honestly the episode was more of a breather before the war began.

Not to say it wasn’t a good episode or didn’t have decent moments but the duel felt like a little bit of a let down, Thorfin continues to be his usual self before and after the duel and then ends up befriending some slave, former noble, which was really used to remind us of the stories he heard as a kid and maybe what his future goal is going to be when he’s finally decided he’s got his revenge.

What the duel did do was show that he has grown and also shown that he has morals to a point. He will fight respectfully in a duel unlike Askeladd who will use all the tricks under the sun. Maybe this was to show that whilst he’ll be vastly different to his father the morals that Thors tried to instill into him will actually take root to some extent and make him more like his father in how he handles situations. Him being nice to the slave girl kind of proves that I guess.

As for the rest of the Vikings we kind of got the TL;DR version of the war up until we basically rejoin it. Seeing the Vikings starting to take over and getting to the point that the royal family were on the move and ready to take over London.

I guess just for the sheer need to condense it makes sense not to follow Askeladd’s group for a long period of time and just throw them back into it at a later point, we got the brief summary of what we need to know and can now go back to what I guess is going to be the most important part of the story in the background at least.

That is pretty much it though.

I don’t really know how many times it is honorable to ask the same person for the same duel for the same reason so I don’t know how many more times Thorfinn can really force Askeladd to face him. Specially now that Askeladd has seen how close Thorfinn is to actually killing him, with that in his mind he doesn’t have to ever say yes to a duel. He isn’t bound by pride like Thorfinn is and up to this point has been using him and humouring him to a point but he doesn’t have to now that he knows that Thorfinn is becoming a threat to him. It also kind of means that he can’t really order Thorfinn around but his goalposts to the next duel can be so vast that Thorfinn can’t reach them I guess.

Though he will no doubt.

Personally I kind of want to see Askeladd actually tell Thorfinn about what happened, I want to see Thorfinn actually realise that he kind of forced himself on these pirates and whilst they might not have smoothered him they’ve also been there in their own way for him. I just kind of want him to know the truth at this point and stop looking at Askeladd like he is the worst thing in the world when he was just paid to do a job.

Mainly I just want to see him looking to fight the proper threat.

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