Mindhunter S2E3

We’ve had our first interview, with the Son of Sam, and are on the trail of the BTK Killer as well as a potential murderer closer to home for Bill.

The series is keeping the drama flowing.

EDIT : These reviews were done to come out like the GLOW ones did but after another tough week or two they’ve been obviously put back. Unlike others they are all done they just need final editing before released so we hopefully will get them out soon.

Just when the series looked like it was going in one route it changes course once more.

It makes sense that the eyes of the show move on from the BTK killer and onto something that actually was genuinely dealt with at the time of the show. That being the Atlanta Child Murders, with Holden in Atlanta joined with Jim Barney, the guy who failed to get Smiths job, his focus is allowed to wander and with permission from his boss to let his gut instincts tell him what to do it won’t be long before he’s trying to prove his techniques work on the case of a group of missing black children who were being ignored by the police.

Another part of the series seems to be diving into both Bill and Wendy’s lives.

I’m not sure about that part of the show if I’m honest. Whilst I am interested in seeing how the story with Bill’s family plays out it feels all a little too much at the same time, kind of like both of them got told to handle Holden like a child and then had to have reasons why they weren’t with Holden so he could make his silly decisions or run head first into things without them.

Which is a point, his panic attacks seem to have disappeared completely as he just goes about his business with the same snobbery we have come to love from him.

Don’t believe me?

He had a wonderful interview with Junior, a not so intelligent killer down in Atlanta, the interview felt like it was designed for us to be introduced to Barney and see what we missed by having Smith in the team over him and to be fair the show did a great job of showing us this.

They did that though at the expense of Holden.

We all know that Holden wants to go after the big names, talk to those that have been on the cover of magazines and done the most grizzly of things. He’s still waiting patiently to be given Manson but here he is right now talking to some hillbilly who keeps telling them that he’s super smart but actually is really dumb and Holden has no time for him.

It therefore falls to Barney to get any kind of information out of him and to be fair he gets a decent look into the life of Junior just by looking at the case files and figuring out how to bribe him to tell him what he wants without ever making it out that he was bribing him or getting that information out of him.

If the show does go down this route getting to spend more time with Barney is going to be great, Albert Jones was amazing in the role and whilst I’d like to see Barney actually stick up for himself or just be a bit more authoritative with Holden as a addition to the cast he is the perfect one. I also have to say that Michael Filipowich who played Junior was amazing in his interview, it was just as interesting and fascinating listening to him talk as it was watching any of the interviews with Kemper. Whilst Filipowich’s character will never return he was a gem in the middle of a series that hopefully will continue with making you really believe you are listening to the actual serial killers that these actors are portraying.

So it was another good episode but I feel like the focus is very much leaving the interviewing and the job that they set out to do and is very much focusing on moving towards looking into the private lives of the cast as well as using what little they know right now, and Holden as some sort of genius on a matter that isn’t even to this day that easy to do, to help find a killer in Atlanta.

When they are allowed to do so.

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