Island : Holding Hands Tomorrow [END]

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“Te o Tsunaide Ashita” (てをつないでアシタヘ)

I have finally finished this absolute waste of all of our times. Island’s final episode is here. At last. It is over.

[EDIT : So yeah… This has been in our drafts forever mainly because of a accident I (Anna) had deleted a bunch of this review and neither of us wanted to go back and rewatch it so sorry this review is ridiculous… The anime was so I don’t know why I’m apologising…]

This show drove me to insanity I tell you.

Time travel is never a easy thing to write about, I get that, but to add in a dating sim that obviously has one ending and that ending maybe being the weirdest and probably the most icky isn’t something that will ever be easy to watch.

The premise of this show was really interesting to a point.

Some of the characters were really brilliant.

Setsuna and a child getting together because he fell in love with a older version of her in his time line…. Isn’t… Anything we ever needed to see.

Wait though it gets better.

So why does this kid called Rinne have the name of the person that he was in love with?

You might never believe me but that is because Rinne is the daughter he, yes HE, had with the other Rinne, the one from his past which is the future which is the past and by the end of the episode he’s back with her who is now named Rinne because the other Rinne, the Rinne that is actually Setsuna’s child that he was dating, gave her back her name…

Still with me?


That is because the entire thing is convoluted to hell and back and doesn’t need to make any kind of sense because who really cared?

Underneath all the stupid romance stuff was a interesting story that kind of got lost with the cut scenes from the game seemingly added in, no real connection from episode to episode, layers being added on top of layers that already didn’t make sense and a mystery that wasn’t a mystery until the very last episode that also left a sour taste in many mouths because…

Well because most of the season saw the main character fall in love with his own child and we’re meant to be OK with it because why not?

Time travel and stuff.


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