Fire Force : The Investigation of the 1st Commences

Episode 7

Dai Ichi Chōsa Kaishi” (第1調査開始)

With the 5th sorted out and on side we now can focus our attention on the bigger threat, that of the 1st Company and Captain Burns.

Whilst obviously they would be THE target being the 1st Company and also having that personal tie in with Shinra, it made more sense then I thought it would. I was worried that it was a bit of a rush to get to the 1st right away but actually it made a whole bunch of sense.

I liked that it kind of came together. It was the research from the 5th and Hibana’s change of heart that had them target the 1st, to find out what is causing the human combustion they have to go to the Shinjuku District because it is there that forced combustion, meaning people are actually making people turn, is happening therefore to find out who is doing it and maybe finding out the ultimate cause of it will all lie in 1st Company jurisdiction.

Which also probably means that the 1st Company know what is happening.

It honestly was meeting the 1st Company properly that was a treat in this episode. Seeing the immense strength of Captain Burns who seems to be able to convert the power used against him into his own attacks or something like that, meeting his Lieutenants Rekka, Li and Karim and being introduced to at least the over the top personalities of Rekka, who is really happy and positive and seems to have a soft spot for Tamaki stopping her from falling and activating her lucky lechery which I guess is code word for stopping us from having to see another ridiculous sex thing from her, and Karim, who tries to insult everyone but kind of just ends up saying the same word over and over again negating anything and everything he is saying.

So it looks like it’ll be a fun journey.

All three of them look terrifying beyond belief and we haven’t even seen what Li can do yet but the sheer agility of Rekka, the fact that Karim can turn flame into sound and therefore into ice is amazing and whatever it is that Burns is doing is probably even worse then anything Hibana could ever think of doing.

What I will say is there are a lot of convenient inter Company procedures in this series to force the story along.

We want to go spy on the 1st?

Well we can send our two OP newbies to the 1st to be trained with this handy training reassignment thing that Obi just pulls out of the air.

Whilst I get that it moves the story along in a better way, it stops it being just war between the Companies like going in after the 5th was and so on and so forth it also kind of just felt so convenient in this episode that it nearly made me roll my eyes.

I mean I like the series enough that it didn’t matter but there was no hardship in getting their investigation going, they decided that they wanted to do it and had a really easy way of going about it.

Still, I really want to see what they do discover.

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