Dr. Stone : Stone Road

Episode 8

With a clear goal in sight and a entire village that Senku wants to bring to the Nation of Science it is time to see just how he wins them all over.

It was a really good episode, I enjoyed it a lot.

Seeing Senku plan out his next step, realising that he needed man power especially now he doesn’t have Taiju by his side and then moving over to trying to win the villagers over was great.

I love learning science-y things in the show and it was a great introduction to a new character,  Suika who wears a watermelon on her head, and showed us what was going to come next.

Honestly thought it was the fact he ended up rocking up in a cart selling Ramen to befriend the villagers that did it for me. I was on the floor when Kohaku said he looked like the villain the way he talked about winning people over with his scientific food. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Probably not good to be fair.

Thing is the Villagers are cautious and whilst they might be won over by things like this there are some who just don’t trust outsiders and never will. I don’t know if we knew or not but Kohaku has been disowned by her father which seems to be why her sister is treated with respect and she isn’t, her bringing a Outsider has just made her even more disliked by her own father which the female consort to her sister seems to love but the guy seems to feel sorry for her.

It seems that her father won’t be so generous to Senku and with this attempt to bribe his way into the hearts of the people under him I can see him actually getting himself in trouble right now, I don’t see how he’ll ever get the antibiotic he is working on to Ruri as I don’t think anyone would trust anything he gave them.

Overall though it was a fun episode.

I think what I loved most about this episode is that slowly we’re learning a little more about the society as a whole including answering the question how it came to be what it is.

It is now obvious it is descendant from people who woke up from petrification.


They know of Momotaro.

Now I didn’t really know of that but it is obvious that it is something from this time that has been bent out of shape and made into a legend of some sort for them passed down as a cautionary tale. It also makes sense why they speak Japanese perfectly to the point that they can have proper conversations with Senku including Kohaku calling him logical in this episode.

Why I feel like it has to be someone that woke up a few generations ago and not just some survivors is that this world is still too primitive to have been set up over 3,700 years, in fact society wouldn’t have died down at all because even if this was some kind of plan to reset the world I feel like some things would have survived. Unless something else happened in between I don’t see people giving up decent food or weapons to live on grilled fish forever.

So the only real questions to that now is why did someone wake up before Senku and what happened with them?

Of course we still have the whole why did this happen in the first place but that is something completely different that probably won’t sort itself out for ages.

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