Bem : Liar

Episode 2

I enjoyed the first episode a lot but felt like without a little more to it the show could start feeling like a lot if happening for empty reasons.

Hoping that we get some more flesh on these bones in this episode.

It doesn’t really, it gives us a lot of questions about Bem, Belo and Bela but no real answers. Sonia isn’t a important part of the episode though the first glimpse of the friendship between her and Bem are seen to blossom as he calls her to Elaine’s house and she see’s him stopping Bela from killing her before telling her all she needs to know about how Elaine had her friend Mary killed.

That sounds really cool and it was but you can’t help but feel so empty at the same time.

Bela was the center of the episode, we saw how she and Belo go about their lives like normal kids. She goes to school, has friends and even someone who is crushing on her and you can understand why she wants that to be real. Small snippets of conversation tell us things like she can’t actually taste food and we know she picked this face because she saw a dying girl who didn’t want to die and decided that was what she wanted to be. A human.

I don’t have a clue what is going on though.

Obviously I get that there is a “rich” and “poor” area in this world. I also understand that there are monsters, some man made and some not. That being said people seem surprised to see monsters so they can’t be that widely known about which just seems odd.

What I feel this needs is for Bem and his group not to be this huge mystery or a actual scene where someone just sits down and tells us about this world but we’ve been thrown into it and barely know or understand it yet are being forced to connect with characters we can’t relate to at the moment because we don’t really know what kind of world they are even living in.

As a episode I loved it.

Again the action was good when there was some, Bowling guy was both funny and terrifying, the scene where he killed Dominic was actually enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and when Bela attacked Elaine it was a sensationally animated scene.

It feels like a lot of oomph though with no meaning behind it.

Until we understand the world a whole bunch better and understand the actual motivations of characters I feel like it’ll be a great show but as I keep saying it’ll feel hollow because whilst you sit there on the edge of your seat as soon as you switch it off there isn’t anything that makes you care enough to want to talk about it or remember it in any way shape or form.

It is beautiful though.

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