Astra : Lost in Space : Lost and Found

Episode 8

So last episode the team landed on Icriss, a planet that doesn’t rotate so half is a fire death trap and half is a frozen death trap, though the middle equator isn’t much better.

With a destroyed ship and a identical ship also on the planet with one survivor in stasis how they’ll survive is up in the air.

Like most things in this show when there is a problem there is a semi easy fix and it is done with a blink of the eye.

By this point in the show you kind of get that the point isn’t the tragedies and accidents and how they survive but the people that are surviving and the unrolling mystery surrounding not only how they got to be where they are but who they are as well.

Polina, or Paulina as Wiki puts her, is one new mystery that I guess she’ll help us solve when she feels like giving all the information she has but we are given a entirely new yet probably related mystery of Quitterie and Funi.

I’ll leave that for a moment.

One thing I love about this show is that regardless of what genre it falls into in that moment it constantly keeps the air of a super serious, mystery sci-fi adventure. Even when you have sweet moments like Quitterie and Zack having a heart to heart and agreeing to get married because he thought a promise when they were children to get married was all they needed and declared his love for her in the most uptight way possible, or funny moments like everything going wrong in the ship leaving Ares with cake all over her face and Ulgar floating in midair, the feel of the show is always just so classical Sci-Fi that it makes me super happy.

It also very easily jumps between those comedy and sweet moments to action scenes like them going to find the spot Paulina lost contact with her crew and being attacked seamlessly.

What makes it one of the most intriguing shows and instantly a favourite for me is like The Promised Neverland earlier in the year it always ALWAYS finishes on a intriguing cliffhanger that usually comes out of left field, usually isn’t something you’d expect and always makes it impossible for you to wait a week to watch it (says the person who got depressed and didn’t watch it for a few weeks but you get my point.)

So whilst this episode was lovely in that they instantly bonded with Paulina, we saw them put all their skills together to save themselves and so on and so forth we also got the revelation that Quitterie and Funi are more then they seem.

It wasn’t really until they mentioned it but they do look identical, thinking back it is hard to imagine why I ever thought it was normal that they weren’t really sisters. So when they decided to do a DNA test after learning their blood types were extremely too identical to not be related it didn’t surprise me that they are apparently the same person genetically.

In fact the moment Quitterie mentioned it, before she even mentioned how strange it would be for their blood types to be so similar, I instantly thought of the fact that her mother, a extremely well thought of Doctor, and Zack’s father, a extremely well thought of researcher, are friends. What that actually means to two people who seem heartless and cold doesn’t matter but with Zack saying his father looked at him like a doll this moment instantly made me think…

Well what if they were genetically making these kids?

It is another reason why they might not care if the kids disappear, a reason for why Funi is on a trip for older kids and once again implies that the parents of at least most of them are up to something and the actual villains of the show.

Honestly it makes sense.

Both Zack and Quitterie’s parents have the know how to make them and honestly…

Honestly with the way Zack talked about his father I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all genetically modified by him in some way. I mean why else explain his father as looking at him like a doll?

I don’t know but it’ll be interesting to see.

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