Anime Highlights Week 26

Due to many reasons I think the last few weeks have been a muddle of weeks in reality so I’ll try and get back on track with the new season starting.

Week 26 therefore is the week of 1st-7th July.

New Friends!

So with a new season comes new friends.

For us we started with Taiju Oki and Senku Ishigami two strange friends who were turned to stone and at least in their little corner of the world for now are the only two who have woken up after 3,700 years. It seems that they see each other as friends, or at least Taiju is too stupid to see the other is looking down on him but they make a interesting duo.

Shinra was my personal first new friend and he also walked into a group of people who are fast going to become his family more then just friends.

Joining the Special Fire Force and being thrown into Company 8, we are introduced to some pretty interesting characters but Shinra and his nervous smile, I can relate Shinra… I can relate, was the man we really got to know and boy do we now want to go on his journey with him and help him find a smile.

A genuine smile…

Out in space and we have Kanata and his crew of oddballs who have been thrown into deep space with no provisions.

The group is actually pretty interesting with my personal favourite in episode 1 being probably Zack, I like that he was clever and straight to the point plus he seems to have the smallest amount of personality quirks in a show full of people with out there personalities.

Unfortunately for the show it also has Aries who does my head in but we’ll see how she goes.

3 Episodes all at once!

For Vinland Saga the series started with a bang and a triple load of episodes that explain the journey as a child that the main character took to get to where he is for the rest of the season.

Not only was it fun to have three episodes straight off the bat but it was also nice to see them just take their time to tell the story. I know not all shows have the luxury of doing so but I feel like it helped us to get to know Thorfinn a whole bunch better then we would have if we had been thrown into his life at a later stage but also gave us a good idea of the values his father held dear and just how sad it is that maybe those values are going to have to be learnt the hard way for Thorfinn.

Or at least it almost does that but you can kind of guess what is going to happen next.

Saying that…

PLUS 45 Minute Intro to SPACE!

Yes Vinland Saga stuck its first three episodes out to air on the same day but we got a special long episode of Astra Lost in Space which really helped pace out the story of what was going on.

We got to meet everyone, see some of their quirks, be introduced to their world and what was MEANT to happen before being thrown into space and encountering the problem facing everyone.

It was nice to see a episode given that kind of time and made the first episode make so much more sense then if it was split into two. I don’t know where the cut off would have been and to be fair it might have actually been a pretty decent cliffhanger but personally I prefer that we got what we got.


I am a huge fan of the Viking period. It was always one of my favourite periods in school and one of the most interesting cultures to learn about.

Sadly my Viking knowledge is a little rusty but it is fun to relearn a few bits and pieces about Vikings through the show and also just remember how amazingly terrifying they were as a people.

I just really like Vikings.

Fake Smile…

Well it wasn’t a fake one it was a nervous one and I added this as a highlighted point because I have one too.

It is actually nice to see something like that in a show if I’m honest, whenever I get nervous or upset I’ll smile which makes my feelings seem contradictory but I can’t help it. For me it made Shinra a really relatable character in a show that I didn’t think we’d be able to relate to anyone in, it isn’t something you see any kind of character really get to the point that it actually plays into their story.

I really thought it was a interesting way of giving him a quirk that can play out badly for him but which is understandable to the audience and also well explained with a funny demonstration so that his colleagues also understand and believe him.

OP Check!

Dr. Stone was obviously the first show we watched and the opening wasn’t too bad. I didn’t enjoy it too much but I think the song is catchy enough.

Vinland Saga was fantastic but you might see that I’m a little bit on the biased side with it, half the reason Luc is reviewing it. I loved the use of battle scenes and the ending that we picked as the header screenshot was just beautiful.

Fire Force’s was OK but it had some great animated sequences. My main problem with it was that it was too dark but other than that it was pretty great.

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