Mindhunter : S2E2

With the Behavioral Science Unit back together and given a fresh start and the promise of more staff and a interview with Manson as well as Bill on the prowl for BTK the series looks like it’ll continue to be as interesting as it ever was.

Again I have to say that it is interesting to see Bill going after BTK and maybe to see the group try and come up with a profile for him but we all know that history says that Dennis Rader wasn’t caught until the 00s so where this story is going is beyond me.

Seeing what he does, having his crimes explained and watching Bill try to figure it out are all better uses of BTK then having him show up once or twice in the series like he did the first but again it just feels a tiny bit pointless.

I honestly think I’ve always loved Tench more then any character, he comes across as being the most normal, the most human. Whilst Ford is focused on his one task and Carr is very closed and interested in the work they are doing, Tench is very human. He has a job to do, he’s a typical police officer at heart, a little fed up of the world, jaded by humanity but still with a big heart. He is a family man who cares, plays by the rules, when he was talking to Kevin he very much remembered he was talking to a victim and at no time did he force Kevin to keep talking in a manner that would make him uncomfortable, things like saying “that sounds interesting I want to come back to that but carry on” he says it in such a way that you can tell that he understands the pain that the person he’s talking to is in.

For me Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper really made the first series, he got across how creepy it must be coming face to face with a serial killer but something that this episode reminded me was how strong a character Holt McCallany portrayed as the man that actually went into everything with a shred of humanity in Bill Tench.

Talking of Britton I don’t know if Kemper is coming back, I kind of wish he would but I think there is nothing else for him to add, but his character really made the first season for me and every time he is mentioned I get a little excited.

Without Kemper we have a new Serial Killer to interview and that is David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam.

Honestly I feel the interview process is one of the best parts of the series and was happy to see it come back so soon. This is what I really want to see, what it is like to sit down with someone like Berkowitz and actually talk to him.

Of course these aren’t the real people but it is the concept that made me want to watch the show and the part of the show that always manages to produce some of the best moments. Berkowitz was a interesting person to interview as well, unlike Kemper who came over as understanding who he was and what he had done Berkowitz had decided to play the media for all that they were worth.

This is of course what they needed, as the BTK killer seems to be copying aspects of Berkowitz they need to understand what makes someone send messages to the police, name themselves or come up with symbols.

I really liked how it came down to Berkowitz wanting to make sure that the message he wanted to get out there was the message being shown to the people. He wanted to be remembered but didn’t want to be crazy, he wanted to be scary and in a way cool but he didn’t want people to think it was sex related or that he had a small dick, he tried to manipulate everything around him so that what he did looked to people the way it looked in his head.

In a way I think this was different to Kemper who I think didn’t much care for what he was perceived to be in the same way. So it was interesting to hear what he had to say.

What was worrying was that the entire interview process felt rushed and only there to provide some clues to who BTK was instead of for the purpose of really talking to the Son of Sam. Berkowitz doesn’t seem like he’ll be returning which is a shame because my favourite part of last season was watching the dynamic between Ford and Tench and the interviewees as they gained their trust and dived deeper and deeper into their minds. There is a lot to work with I feel with Berkowitz but instead we had a analysis discussion that seemed to make their mind up on him and that was it.

Which kind of feels sad.

This episode kind of gave us a look at what the series is really going to focus on though. With BTK now in the forefront of everyone’s minds and by the end of the episode a dead body being found in one of Nancy’s properties it looks very much like the here and now as well as the personal lives of the main characters are going to be much more of a focus then the interviewees.

Hopefully not.

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