Bem : Water

Yes another new series we’re starting way too late but we’re getting close to having everything we want done done and as this was tagged with Horror obviously I was going to give it a check out.

Honestly I’m happy this is only 4 episodes in because I don’t feel like I’m that behind on it and the first episode really was something else.

It managed to build up the kind of place we’re visiting whilst not giving up any of the action time they wanted to introduce the main characters, side characters and the kind of villains we can be introduced to as the series goes on. There was a bit of mystery, some fantastic action scenes and a lot of character trait dumping on us but at no point did I feel like it was too much or not enough.

Honestly the episode charged through at quite a brisk pace but you never felt like you had to rewatch anything or that you were missing something. It also didn’t make you feel like you were sat there for 24 minutes watching it as it felt like it was over in a flash.

Really liked the water based monster thing that was killing everyone, it was a nice concept for a monster and well executed. Kind of reminded me of Chaos from the Sonic Adventure game in that he kept changing appearance based on things he was consuming and becoming more powerful… Plus they were both water based. His character kind of jarred with the atmospheric music playing in the background which I think heightened the sense of threat, if it had been silent or had any kind of different music playing you could believe you were watching a show that wasn’t going to take itself too seriously but he actually came across as being super scary in a way how he was presented.

Personally I find the concept of a monster made of water being able to creep out of anywhere and drown you terrifying.

Main characters were OK, we got it very much drilled in our head that Sonia is straight laced and not going to take no shit from the corrupt world she’s been dumped in. Why she’s been dumped there we don’t know and whilst she portrays herself as this strong woman who is going to fight back seeing her freak the hell out when meeting Bem was pretty great though its obvious she’s going to end up befriending him at some point. Bem was cool and mysterious and I loved Belo and Bela, what they all are and why they want to be human interests me but I also just kind of liked them enough that if I never found out it wouldn’t bother me.

Overall it was a good episode but it very much needs to flesh out the world, the characters and where the story is going to take us in the next few episodes before the nice presentation becomes pretty hollow.

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