Astra : Lost in Space : Past

Episode 7

Honestly this series does cliffhangers so well and we are slowly writing off who could be the “enemy” stashed on the Astra with us but as always after a wonderfully told story there is even more tragedy ahead…

I keep saying and will keep saying that the reason I really love Astra Lost in Space is the fact that it truly lets stories breath. From the very first episode which was a wonderful 45 minutes long near enough to the fact it doesn’t even bother most of the time with intros and just gets into the story right from the start.

So far each character who has told their story has been given time for it to be explained in full, the reactions from the team and the reintegration of basically a new fully formed character are well handled before it naturally takes the group to the next part of the story and is able to show how opening up and explaining their past helps not only that character carry on but the group as a whole with that character then shining even more brightly.

Well all apart from Quitterie if I’m honest with you.

That isn’t even me saying I dislike her character, I don’t I love her a whole bunch, it is just she was the first to be developed and yet at times I feel she adds very little to the group. Even when the entire group was in trouble and medicine should have been the answer it was actually Yun-Hua who saved the day.

So it is a episode of two parts.

We get the reveal of just how Charce is then we set off on another adventure. Who Charce is was actually quite a sweet story and whilst, like a few characters, it doesn’t totally end the suspicions on him it makes sense of why his mother seemed to care just as much as Aries mother did. In the end he was a noble who befriended a commoner who got injured after he sneaked her into the noble area and was in a coma. After her parents moved her away and he couldn’t see her anymore he then left his family and the lady that was in the parents meeting is his adoptive mother.

Again it gives him a reason to be chucked into space but at the same time his story might not be fully true and he still could technically be the Enemy they are looking for. I feel a blog might be in order just trying to figure that mystery out on its own.

After his emotional story we get yet another unique and interesting planet, this time it doesn’t rotate so half of it is a firey death and the other half is frozen death. The group aim for the band in the middle that just about gets the light and the dark so is habitable but it turns out that once more the plant life on this planet isn’t going to take to them kindly.

This episode gave us the biggest peril the group have faced since the beginning of the series and it also introduces a new person. This adds to the mystery because why is there another random ship stranded on this planet and why is this one survivor here, of course for them this looks to be where they are going to end up staying forever but with the knowledge of someone else as well as maybe the ability to fix the Astra as long as the other ships parts are compatible it might not be all doom and gloom like Quitterie makes out anyway.

2 thoughts on “Astra : Lost in Space : Past”

  1. Looks like you predicted correctly how they would get off that planet. It’s awfully convenient for them to stumble across another ship, but the reveal starts another cool mystery so I will let the writer off.

    1. Good to hear it starts of another mystery! Unfortunately (as you might be able to tell) I haven’t had any time to even watch anime let alone write about it or edit other people’s blogs but I am looking forward to watching it next week when I am on holiday!

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