Mindhunter S2E1

I am one of those people who love serial killer documentaries and trying to figure out what exactly makes these people tick, Mindhunter ended up being one of my favourite shows on Netflix as it saw Detectives Ford and Tench interviewing serial killers  trying to understand why they do what they do.

So we have a new series and a new cast of serial killers to talk to.

Two things happened right from the beginning that I liked.

First up was kind of human nature being shown in full force where Tench is holding a BBQ and is bogged down under 100 questions about what he does for a living. I loved this because it is a part of human nature that we kind of want to understand exactly why people do the things they do, we can never imagine how someone could not only murder once but do it multiple times and not just that but with no real actual hatred or anger towards the victims. If I knew someone who talked to actual serial killers I’d want to know everything they saw or heard.

Next was the actual focus on the BTK Killer.

I know that he isn’t going to be caught and that to be honest he is more like a enticing look at something that the team are working to actually be able to catch —

Things are changing just a little bit, Ford is having difficulties with panic attacks, Shepard is on his way out and in his place is someone who seems extremely interested in their project and what Ford can do and it is a new leash on life for the Behavioral Science Unit.

That being said the chemistry between the characters is still the same old firey mess that it always has been.

Bill cares about his job well enough but he still doesn’t really trust or care for the others, Holden is still out to get the biggest names he can even if it means going after someone like Manson who isn’t actually a murderer and not serial killers, Wendy is still her normal amazing self talking sense in a world full of males doing their own thing whilst poor Gregg is put in the firing line so that Holden can clear the air between Bill and Wendy whilst at the same time making it difficult for Gregg.

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting back in the swing of things with Ford though, he’s very wooden still but he just comes over as being off. Whilst he had to be incarcerated in a mental facility after having a mental breakdown there is something so off putting about him and his panic attacks whilst a interesting new development for him in some way still doesn’t feel like it fits in with the actual character.

For example I don’t know whether we’re meant to take him sincerely when he makes his speech at Shepard’s retirement or whether he was being the sarcastic dick that Shepard, who wasn’t actually retiring but was being pushed out due to taking the fall for Fords behavior in season one, thinks he is.

It was interesting but I don’t know. I can’t even remember after this episode whether or not I liked Ford in the first place but I just don’t like him right now.

For a first episode it was amazing. It made me so excited for what could happen, I don’t know who is in this series but seeing Gacey as someone that they might talk to was interesting and whilst I know, as everyone does, that Manson is definitely slated for the series it is the unknown that could show up that I’m interested in more.

Also I loved the use of Roxy Music “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” at the beginning as the BTK Killer was being weird.

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