GLOW : A Very GLOW Christmas

Episode 10

It is the final episode and it is Christmas! With it being Christmas I’m guessing that everything will be OK in the end…

I kind of hope that it won’t be, I mean it never tends to in GLOW but it feels like we’ll have something that stupid happen with the way this stupid season has gone.

In a way it doesn’t either which is nice even though I guess it isn’t nice.

Thing is there are a few things that have been building up and building up this season but which haven’t had any time whatsoever to actually mean anything to us.

Something like Carmen deciding she’s going to go on the road with her brother was planted obviously in the episode that he was in but we never saw her slowly decide that she wanted to go with him or anything of the sort, in fact she was the one coming up with ways to make the show fresh when the focus was actually on the shows and not on Ruth and Debbie.

It ended up being a pointless story that only led to having her declare she was leaving mainly for the sake of it.

In a way this was kind of like them wiping the slate clean with Ruth not accepting Debbie’s offer, Carmen gone and them maybe going back to TV there is room for so much more going forward but it also leaves us in the most GLOW kind of position if the show doesn’t come back.

Always one good thing and a load of bad things.

The Christmas version of the wrestling show was great, the two shows we got to see them work on were fantastic but that was all that really mattered in this episode.

It was a lot of half hearted attempts at tying up loose ends.

Rhonda is going to go with Bash back to LA, he’s going to pretend to be straight because that is what is expected of him and she’s going to play along. Arthie has now come out as being gay which makes Yolanda happy but other then a brief conversation with Rhonda we never got to see her actually come to terms with all this.

Sadly the good stuff for GLOW is bad for everyone else and once again the briefest of looks into Bobby and Sandy’s lives make them a double act I truly want to see more of.

Honestly it was just another episode that didn’t truly need to be there at all but it is.

Again it was a good episode and I enjoyed it but there was nothing much to the actual series as a whole which is kind of sad.

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