Fire Force : The Spark of Promise

Episode 6

Yakusoku no Hibana” (約束の火華)

Whilst the entire thing feels a little rushed along I really did love the last episode, getting to see everyone go into battle and overcoming Hibana and the 5th.

It is up to Shinra to save Iris and defeat Hibana once and for all though. Maybe, kinda, that might be what is happening.

In the highlights blog, which is definitely coming as we close in on the last two shows we’ll be reviewing this season even though the season is nearly over, I will probably go into more detail on how this episode was everything I love and hate about the series but as I tend to moan and praise this series all the time I thought this time I would just focus on the story.

That would be because behind all the ugliness that I hate about this series the story they were telling in this episode was actually super sad and well put together.

My main problem is the pacing of the series and it didn’t help that we hadn’t really got to know Iris or even Hibana enough at this point to have such a big story based on their past instantly mean something to us, honestly they didn’t even try to set foundation or any kind of platform for us to begin on even in this episode. Whilst it wasn’t perfect by the end of it they had hit you over the head with it hard enough and used enough pretty imagery and stereotypical cute kid stuff to make you actually care much more then you ever should have.

Hibana ended up being a pretty understandable character, her powers ended up actually being pretty amazing instead of over the top sexual and her motivation to be the way she is and gain power and knowledge were explained to such a extent that you actually ended up shrugging the ridiculousness of her character off and feeling sorry for her.

As a character Hibana might still feel a bit rough around the edges but you kind of want to see her relationship with Iris grow in the future and to see how this entire thing changes the 5th going forward.

It was a ugly way to get to this point but it worked I guess.

For me Shinra is the perfect main character for the series because he’s so simplistic in every way you need him to be. He’s like Luffy, he has one goal in life and he’ll get there by being kind but using force when necessary. He CARED about why Hibana ended up being the way she was and went ahead to defeat her FOR HER OWN GOOD. There were mega Luffy vibes in the entire episode and as you all know I’m a sucker for Luffy and One Piece in general so having Shinra actually want to be a true hero and not the kind that Arthur wants to be was nice. It also meant his ridiculous speech at the end made perfect sense and didn’t ruin a otherwise emotional moment when Hibana slowly started to see the light.

Kind of wish when she had said she had no one it had been Iris that replied and told her that they were sisters so she would be there for her but the hero speech was a nice touch.

What REALLY made this episode though was the post-credit scene so if you are one of those people who have the credits roll and turn off GO BACK AND WATCH IT.

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