GLOW : The Libertines

Episode 9

Everything is basically out of the window at this point so I’m just going to enjoy the craziness and not hope that any story is ever going to make any kind of sense.

The main stories are still ridiculous but it is the small interactions with the cast that aren’t even apparently good enough to be main cast and not reoccurring, that is starting to bother me every time I look on Wikipedia to pick up someone’s name.

Sam and Ruth have finally got to the point where the show has killed any last bit of interest in their story for me. One minute she’s telling him she loves him in one of the most unromantic scene in the world, the next she’s having a hissy fit and won’t go back to his place because she didn’t get a part in Justine’s film. Honestly Ruth has always been a character I have struggled so much with and this episode didn’t do much to make that any better for me. Her scene with Sam was pointless, her only emotion seems to be bunny trapped in headlight and then she let down Sheila which is pretty much Ruth’s MO.

Not that Sheila needed her, she was amazing and as I keep saying Gayle Rankin is by far the best thing about this season. Tamme in the audience in tears after her recital was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in this show.

The rest of the episode had its ups and downs.

Ups being any time we were away from the “main” cast. Downs being the rest of the time.

Finally he’s doing something about being gay but again it is being handled in the most heavy handed kind of way that it just didn’t need to be the way it was. Him and Rhonda end up having a threesome with the Gigalo that Melrose slept with and is now dating in her funny little way and it was just another pointless scene in a lot of pointless things this season.

We’ll forget about that though because the rest of the episode was fantastic.

Bobby’s fundraiser was a great, as I said he gave Sheila the chance to shine and we once more got to see that Debbie is in the wonderful hands of a lovely man. The girls were enjoying themselves, it made Arthie have to face up to the world that Yolanda lives in and it showed that Bobby and Sandy have the absolute best chemistry in the world.

Sadly none of that really matters because as much as I love it the show doesn’t really want you to care for that stuff which is a shame because it is a lot better then Bash and his dramatic character changes from episode to episode or Ruth being Ruth.

One episode left to go though…

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