GLOW : Keep Ridin

Episode 8

It’s the 50th show in Vegas which, with one of the best opening scenes the show has ever done, suddenly turns into the 200th and we are ready for more laughs, tears and probably no where near enough wrestling.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the opening but it fast became obvious that it was a bit of a cop out.

Yeah I said it.

It was like they had no real idea what to do with these characters when you took them off air and put them in a live show so the wrestling took a back seat and they focused on the personal drama of the characters.


We love all the characters by now and seeing into their lives would be super interesting.


With a chance to broaden the episodes and have many characters have stories they still managed to make every episode about the same three or four characters, the same dramas that have been going on since the series began and only focusing on stories that have little to no pay off at the end of them.

With such a huge gap we’ve seemingly missed seeing Carmen get a boyfriend, Debbie and Tex are now semi-serious and Bash has thrown money at the casino but is now using his dick head attitude to throw his weight around with Rhonda happily helping him make his shitty decisions.

He’s basically embracing the fact that he’s not interested in women as well telling Rhonda that he’d want to be married to her even if they never had sex again. In other words I get my money if I’m married to you so stick around.

We got our gambling addict and it makes sense that it is Cherry but who really cares at this point?

Her story with Keith would have been one of the most amazing parts of the season but it happened and then it was over. Sure this is going to be part of it but at this point they haven’t given us a reason to care for it. Now we get a sweet episode of her and Carmen bonding as Carmen tries to help her and not only that we have the reemergence of the Show Girl who had to give up being a Show Girl because she had a kid, another great character who disappeared into the ether because who needs new characters hey?

I’m not even going to bother with the Debbie and Ruth stuff because it continues to be the same old shit still.

Honestly just getting pointless.

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