Astra Lost in Space : Paradise

Episode 5

Shummoor nearly killed them, they barely have the food to get to the next planet and Yun-Hua has a lovely singing voice.

I still think Aries wants to kill everyone too.

Maybe the connection is family?

We finally get to go home and see what the parents are thinking and every parent other then Aries seem happy to basically have their kids written off as dead. Most of their parents seem to be famous or at least semi-important.

With it very likely that there is some sort of conspiracy that seems rather suspicious. The only two there that seemed to be normal and care were Aries mum and Charce’s mum.

In this group there is a famous singer, doctor, senator and athlete as well as the actual vice principal of the school. If that isn’t dodgy as hell I really don’t know what is to be honest and as I said they were all more than happy to write off the group as dead now instead of keeping hope they’d come back.

Not only that but a good deal of that group also don’t exactly have the best relationship with their kids. Kanata’s dad didn’t seem to believe in his dream, Quitterie didn’t see the point in her mother having another kid seeing she didn’t care for her, Ulgar said that his dad didn’t seem to want to associate with him and we just got a episode showing off how Yun-Hua was made to feel like she needs to hide her life away because she was useless.

I mean it was obvious that the parents were going to be involved a little right but it still doesn’t give us a clue on what kid could be doing things.

Maybe it is Charce you know?

He’s the least suspicious in my books having done pretty much nothing so far other then be stupid and cook.

Still going for Aries.

Away from the parents and I get my wish, kind of, the next planet they land on just so happens to be a paradise planet where they can all relax a little and everything seems to be edible and delicious. There is a little fan service, the girls try and force Aries to admit her feelings to Kanata who is oblivious to everything and there is bonding of the unlikely kind with Luca and Ulgar.

Well until the very end where Ulgar points a gun to Luca’s head.

It was all a very chill and funny episode with nothing much going on if I’m honest. With them bound to spend another episode here I guess having two more planets to explore isn’t too worrisome I just really want to know what is going on with Ulgar.

Finding the gun might have been a coincidence seeing that they are outlawed on earth and this ship might have been there for who knows how long but it seems that suspicions might be right and he might be the one all along.

I don’t want him to be.

Still think its Aries.

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