GLOW : Hollywood Homecoming

Episode 7

Sam is gone! Where is Sam? What is Sam doing?!

I really liked the Sam story line, him taking Justine to get her script made into a film. Honestly it was one of the best parts of this season which I still love to pieces but am realising very fast isn’t actually as good as the other two.

Justine is such a brilliant character and I love how like Sam she is, Britt Baron and Marc Maron not only have very similar surnames but just work as a father/daughter relationship. The two of them are hilarious and watching them both have the same kind of temper tantrum and act the same way in the face of someone being a dick to one of them is fantastic.

It makes Sam’s health problems and the fact he won’t talk to Justine about them even worse because she just really wants her dad in her life and would do anything to help him but instead he’s hiding it from her.

Personally I prefer seeing this side of Sam then anything he does with Ruth at this point, I feel this series has ruined the tension and bond those two had and I’m no longer interested in what is obviously going to be the big emotional reunion at some point now that Sam has totally left to do something else and Ruth is still in Vegas. They really sucked the sweet side out of that entire story.

Big problems for me started in this episode.

You might have noticed that I’ve had problems in most episodes, no not about lack of wrestling I just mention that because personally I find it mentionable, but because nothing seems to be building to any kind of pay off and this episode proves that.

Things get said and things get done but nothing ever goes as smoothly as they seem to make it look in this episode.

Not only that but there doesn’t seem to be any real consequence to just about anything anymore. Bash not only gets away with being a bit of a dick and deciding everyone’s life for them but now he’s actually been given access to his $40 million inheritance because Birdie, his mother, loves Rhonda.

Thing is I’ve never liked the Rhonda/Bash thing much and I don’t find Rhonda likable at all. Like most of this series everything about her interactions with Birdie felt false, forced and out of character.

She’s the dimwit yet here she is seeing through the game that Birdie has in store for her.

Fair enough but this is coming two episodes after Bash made his declaration that he’d fire anyone who had a problem with staying in Vegas for another 9 months, a episode after she had a go at everyone for moaning about him being a dictator and there hasn’t ever been that second thought for her that people might be right about Bash, no in the next episode we get her unironically telling Birdie how perfect Bash is because of course there just won’t be any kind of reaction to his change of character now.



There has been no moment where everyone really sat down and talked about this 9 month extension, we still don’t actually get to see the show or the running of the show and the only problem that truly got solved is Debbie’s because she magically is able to bring Randy with her to Vegas even though I’m pretty sure Mark would probably have had something to say about it.

Best part of this episode was Sam and Justine because unlike everything else they stuck to their characters and their character development.

Oh and Birdie.

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