Astra Lost in Space : Star of Hope

Episode 4

I spent most of the last review trying to get my head around just who might be the one that had forced them into this position but if I’m honest I’m clueless.

Whilst I think there are obvious people that might have done this I think there are too many that are obvious and I just really want it to be Aries because she annoys me so much.

It was actually a really sad episode with pretty much everyone nearly dead.

Again I really like the fact that these are just kids exploring foreign planets and as such they don’t take enough care and get into positions like they did in this episode where they nearly wiped themselves out by breathing in poisonous spores just to be saved by a completely accidental find of Yun-Hua who finally opens up to Kanata and sings in this episode.

You kind of knew when EVERYONE but Yun-Hua got sick that no one was going to die, I think at this point it is obvious that no one will die full stop but the indication that we were going to be safe was very much the moment that Kanata took his helmet off realising that he needed to be dying to get the antidote and Quitterie falling sick.

Didn’t really ruin anything though and it was another interesting look at a planet that was very unique.

Really liked how we got to know more about Yun-Hua, her mother keeping her down all the time by telling her to stay hidden and never giving her praise makes sense. Again my sirens started up when Aries just somehow KNEW that Yun-Hua’s glasses were for show to keep her hair out of her eyes, her hair being so long so that she hid her face.

Overall she just became very relatable because that is how I’ve spent most of my life if I’m honest with you all.

My main problem with this story is that it involved things going wrong because someone got upset and ran away. It happened with Quitterie and was why Funi nearly got carried off on the last planet and it happened again here. I kind of want something to be a little different at this point, I think we’ve had the last of the emotional outbreaks and I guess it did just happen twice but there has to be a different way to show them in peril on a planet.

Also with only five planets to visit and two down I kind of hope we do get some time just floating in space to get to know the characters. We’re coming up to the halfway point and whilst I have no real complaints about pacing or development I also kinda just want to spend some time with the cast on a good day because there must be some good days.

Either way I’m not so sure they’ll be sticking around on this planet with the killer mushroom trees.

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