GLOW : Outward Bound

Episode 6

With the bombshell of GLOW staying at the Fan-Tan for another 9 months it is time for the girls to get out and spend some time together in the wilderness.

Do we ever really get to see much of Reggie?

Like quite a few of the girls she’s not even technically a main cast member but she’s always been one of my favourites. It is sad that we don’t see more of her, she has interesting chemistry with everyone, she’s such a cute little character and I really enjoy when she’s on TV but she never gets much time. Even spending time with Sheila she was hardly in the episode and that is so sad.

Away from that it was bonding time.

It was a important episode in so much that it opened my eyes to just how weak this series has been and how unimportant episodes like this are right now because there just isn’t any follow through with any of the stories.

I’m not saying GLOW has always been perfect story telling but there are usually things that happen, reactions to that, people talking about it and then drama and action before it is resolved.

Stories like Sheila’s and the relationship between Arthie and Yolanda are great stories running in the background just they aren’t. They are when they are there but they are stop starty, make little sense when you think about them and are happening off screen whilst a load of nothing is happening on screen.

We had another falling out between Arthie and Yolanda after Arthie admits she doesn’t really know if she’s gay or not. Of course this is heart breaking to Yolanda who is out and proud but Arthie just doesn’t really know what is going on with her life at the moment in the most innocent and sweet of ways and instead of helping her through it Yolanda is heartbroken and pushes her away.

Of course we don’t get to see much of them, we don’t get to see them interact with anyone else and we probably won’t see them work through this which is everything that is wrong with the series.

Sheila’s transformation from She Wolf to Sheila has been remarkable and I’m going to say Gayle Rankin has been the absolute star of the season.

Unfortunately a lot of that is down to the fact that her story is being pushed along at high speeds, her relationship with Bobby isn’t allowed to be on screen because why would it and she just keeps popping up to have brilliant moments whilst slowly coming to terms with how her get up is keeping her back.

I mean it isn’t and the show hasn’t shown it doing so but the premise works and I get what they are trying to say.

Nothing has any consequence though and things just get thrown out there and forgotten until the next time they need filler in between Ruth looking sad at the camera or Debbie complaining about how tough her life is or Bash being a dick.

There is no focus for the entire show and episodes like this just go to remind us that they are wasting the potential of such a wonderful cast and the ability to tell amazing stories with them.

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